Why a Website?


My goal for this website is to have a place to organize my thoughts, communicate my hopes and share what I love to do.

The website  has a sales page, I am a self-taught artist and offer prints of my artwork here.

 I hope you find interesting what I have to say and show you.   Although this is a   business website, it’s more about how I as a 75-year-old single woman finds her world today, and a general commentary on life.

I am the 2nd of 8 siblings born in Duluth Minnesota, I was an LPN for about 20 years in Panama where I went as a Peace Corps volunteer at 21 years of age and married a Panamanian with whom I had 3 children.

There were some interesting times living in Panama of which I will probably tell you as time goes by.

I returned to the USA and finished up my status as RN working in Texas and Florida. I studied Chinese medicine in Texas and have   Masters degree  in such,  though  I mostly needle myself these days.

Now I am a retired single lady learning to be an artist in Texas

And that is who I am today.

I’m mostly happy with who I am today.

I tell you all this to find common ground.



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