My Upsetting Revelation about my Mac

C2788275-138560400589298mediumSeems this MacBook doesn’t allow me to upload photos from my iPhone or iPad.?? How can that be?  I’ll have to google it and hope for good news because I need the photos that I’ve retaken of those missing photos so I can advertise them!  Oh, wait maybe I have them here….. Nope, not the ones that I need.  I wonder if there is a way to upload photos back to your computer that you have downloaded to over places like Facebook.  I have some photos from Facebook that I have downloaded to my (Broken) computer but you can’t print them so that is a problem as I won’t be able to make prints.

I miss my MacBookPro!

update…..I tried to add photos again and it worked so at least I know I can take more photos and download to my computer, plus I was able to get plenty more photos from Facebook to add so poco a poco I’ll get what I need. Next, I’ll check out family photos on FB to add photos to my computer just in case my forgetfulness gets much worse and I can’t remember who”s who,   Just kidding but you never know!  It could be my ‘cheat sheet!

Oh oh this MacBook doesn’t have a place to put in DVD or cd’s a …something drive  I thought that since this is an older model MacBook it would have one so I could add my music.  Que Vaina! I believe this is a 2010 model, my dearly departed  MBP  2011 let me download music.

Trials and tribulation of not knowing enough and knowing you don’t know

Just not enough.

Sorry, I’m bored and will go to sleep now.

PS I organized my paints.

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