75 y/o single female failed to plan for her future and NOW wonders why she let that happen.

APC_0024.jpgIs it too late to be making a plan? Finally starting to think about my years after 76.  I know what I’ll do during my 75th, I’ll be making plans,  after that one year will just follow the previous. Time will keep passing by, who will I be in this next phase, will I accomplish anything of value to another person, what are my options. And why did I let this happen to me?  Never thought I’d be single at this age but divorces are a step into the unknown.  I haven’t made any effort to find a new love or husband,  I’m a happy single That is not my goal, I’ve been a resource for my kids when they needed me.  They need to be my resource now.

I don’t think I’m alone when I say I never wanted a long life and suddenly now I’m 75 how did that happen!!. I don’t want to live too long.  And if I do live too long I hope to be functioning at a high level and then drop dead…the wish of all us oldsters.  No pain no drama just be here one day and gone the next.

Odd to think that you won’t be there anymore?


Mourning,  New topic

Different cultures mourn in different ways.  In Panama, I noted that there are certain guidelines (mostly from the ‘church) on the wearing of black, then purple and finally white clothes over a specific time frame to indicate the stage of mourning.  If you wear black it is assumed you are in mourning even if you just like your little black dress. I wore a black dress because I liked it and was asked several times ‘who died’

I may be back in another lifetime to work out whatever problems I’ve caused in this lifetime.  I want to doIMG_4639.jpg better in my next life, many agree, we have to pay in one birth or another for the errors we commit while here.

I keep my Buddha close to remind me to be kind in any situation the only words of wisdom I’ve learned these many years, (and not always been true to myself,)  are just two words, be kind.

Just Be Kind. 

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