Unsold Paintings & More


I have about 30 unsold paintings, 50 pursettas, and many wood bangles.    Note cards too.

Seems like all this is telling me something.  ReEvaluate my time (I have plenty) my finances ( I don’t have a lot).  Perhaps its time to face the music, as they say, and do something with all this before I’m ready to move on, move  to my next adventure. I have too much stuff , won’t fit into my new life, my new domain which will only measure 8 x 22 feet with wheels.

I thought I could continue painting while on the road and sell them at different towns we stop in but what kind of license will that require?

Whatever style mobile living we choose there won’t be a lot of wall space to hang my favorites on.  so what will I do with them.  I don’t know.  They are special to me but may not be for anyone else

I’m almost in tears

It’s an emotional time, excuse me.

I don’t actually have that domain yet so the description could be in error, but it’s c.lose, I’ve been spending time on ebay again. And counting my paints.

Good news, my family will be happy to know that my sister-in-law may be part of my plans .

Joan will be the muscle, I will be the…….oh that’s a little scary considering the status of my brain, I will be the one with the aging brain.  I hope she is up to it (hope I am) but if she can hike many miles with a pack on her back, I will be happy to share the space..    She is a fantastic person ever if she talks so much,  To my chagrin when talking about how this might work I told her she talks too much ,………silence on the line…….quickly I said no, you don’t talk too much you just talk more than I do. (she does talk a lot though I often learn something from her,)  sorry Joan.  My sister is relieved that she is coming with me i guess she thinks I’m not strong enough to manage on my own tho that was my plan until I remembered that Joan and I are in similar situations and this may prove to be the best option both  of us have..  I think when I’m with Joan I will by her example, get stronger.  I’m lazy now. We will be two nurses on the road.

I’m a lazy 75 year old.  With luck I’ll be a prosperous 80 year old  or at least a happy 80 year old.  That thought really puts things in perspective. I’m only 5 years away to 80 damn that’s old !

So, the art.  I guess we should do one more farmers market, moving sale, a great reduction in price, the problem with that is that it takes a lot of energy to set up the tent,  the grid for the paintings, the tables carting it all around. and my sister is not feeling very enthusiastic and neither am I now and I need her help to put it all together.  I can’t do it alone. Maybe I can sell all that equipment. (sold)

I was very lucky that a woman loved my work and bought 6 paintings,  I haven’t found another buyer.  But I haven’t show my work during the cold months, they won’t get sold sitting here in my studio. I guess the fact is that I don’t need the sales enough.  Of course I do need them but not enough to try different options and persist.

Anyway, I will continue painting of course but not to expect sales  just for my pleasure and family can just expect to get paintings for presents from now on.

Okay, nuff said, I’ll  go organize my paint brushes now


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