APC_0024.jpgAs we age,  we look, feel and act differently than we did when younger,  do we have lower expectations of ourselves as we get older.?

I wonder about it because I’m not sure

I find myself diminished by my age.

I try to greet that old woman in the mirror with a smile, just before I put my teeth in my mouth and scold myself for the  need of a bridge

I’m having trouble finding myself.

Who am I now in this phase of life, no longer a nurse, no longer a spouse, a mother not needed and even in the way, without a lover or friend.

A time to contemplate and refresh, but I find myself filling my hours with busyness.

I like my busy-ness, I like making, but is it an escape from thinking  and making decisions?

I have a comfortable space with no real problems but those I invent in my mind.

Torn between staying in my comfort zone or reaching out for more, more opportunity more social interaction, more satisfaction, or remain where I am, where I can help my daughter  while my soul dies quietly in the basement,

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