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Whatever made me think I could do this?


Whatever made me think I could do this on my own? Money or lack of it made this living style a perfect solution. I have enough income living modestly to be comfortable. When I’m able to pay off my credit cards I’ll be just fine, baring any unexpected upsets that can happen anywhere.

I’m living on my own terms, free of needing help from anyone.

Freedom to pick up and go with all my worldly possessions contained in one small package. GG my Gas Guzzling RV

I’ve only been on the road for a short time and there are moments that I look around myself and wonder if this will be enough, this small space that holds everything I need, will it be enough?

How long will it be enough?

Will I get lonely?

I need to keep myself healthy and strong,

I’m already 75. I figure I’m good for at least another 5-10 years in this rig,

I love this space!.

A tailgate artist on the road.


Posted in On the Road, finally!

Dumb things I’ve done in my RV….so far

IMG_0016Dumb things I’ve done in my RV …….so Far

1st dumb thing I paid what he asked for without a counter offer. But it was the size I thought I could manage and with the low miles on it I had to have it.
2nd dumb RV wouldn’t start it cost me $350 to have it towed to where I wanted it to be inspected (this after I bought it)
When I picked it up I asked what was wrong that it didn’t start, he looked confused and said it started just fine.

Didn’t start because I needed to turn the key farther to start the engine! It starts just fine except when I forget to turn out all the lights. It has been jumped quite a few times so far.
Talking about jumping my truck, it’s not a big deal anymore because now I have this handy devise that I can keep charged to charge my phone and with the alligator clips I can charge the truck battery too.
I’m pretty sure I’ll do more dumb stuff but now I have knowledgeable people to ask for help and while they may smile at my silly questions I know they will not laugh directly at me and will give me grains of advice that will help me grow.