So what do we think of my helpful neighbor?

His RV is separate from his truck so he can get out and about without his RV trailing behind him and he has taken me several times to see the area and go shopping.

He has offered to help me with many issues on the RV but I’ve been procrastinating to get started, though he has already started to pound out some dents and I’m hoping to get some parts and doors replaced so my GG doesn’t look like she belongs to chusma!

I’m  pretty sure I can trust him, he’s open and tells me of his life and plans, doesn’t ask about mine and I don’t offer much. But I appreciate his help and I think he is ‘a good guy’  I did wonder about my trust (briefly) in a stranger and going off with him to see old roads and me without even my phone as protection, but I don’t think he has any intention to harm me, he’s been nothing but respectful and kind. I can accept his help.(besides I have taken the sim card out of my phone and into my ipad so I can work online whereverI couldn’t have called for help anyway!

I’m having mañana feelings (I’ll think about it tomorrow) and wondering if I should stay here for several months to save money. I’m thinking that I may not find another perfect place if I leave and my space might not be available if I want to come back here. I’m more likely to get help on the RV here where I can trade services with AC .

I  want to go to Arizona for the yearly RTR in January, where all these RVer’s ( many thousands) get together to promote a sense of community and learn from each other.I’m not a fan of crowds but I just want to be there once to experience it and maybe meet some of the people I’ll been following on utube.

And the question of ‘living off the grid’ vs in a park with hookups has make me think, why go without electric and water when you can have all for $150/month plus electric? Of course you are crowded right next to the next rv in a line. (It’s definetly not camping as we think of camping. Where I am the spaces are comfortably big) While boondoggling camping without hook ups, electric, water and sewer, you can go where ever you want on public lands without costing much and having little to no services.

It’s an adventure not experienced  in RV campgrounds and depends on how you wish to experience your ‘freedom.’ Most boondogglers go to a camp to refill their water and empty the tanks every week or two then back out to public lands.
Well, I didn’t start this to be stuck in a lineup of RV’s anywhere so I’ll probably leave here in late January and figure it out then. Being here until then is a good transition for me to correct some problems I have with the RV.

The JOY of absolute freedom and not being responsible for anyone else has an upside and downside. It may be selfish, I know there will come a time that self satisfaction may not be all I need and I will need to be responsible for someone or something more than myself. I know this is true.

I’m pretty sure I’ll find a project, or maybe I’ll be able to get the dog I want to give it a good life. I tried to get one in Austin where they are sponsoring retired greyhounds but wasn’t able because they had not gotten my application, my fault, I didn’t send it correctly in an email and they didn’t have more than one ready for adoption. It’s along way back to Austin but a greyhound is a perfect travel companion as they like to sleep and surprisingly don’t require much exercise or take up much space.

2 thoughts on “Ponderings

  1. He sounds like a good guy, that thing that you showed me, tracing your movement, is that your phone?
    You shouldn’t go anywhere without your phone it’s safely rule # 1.
    Where I first came to Austin Tracy insisted on my having a phone.
    In Colorado at 9300 ft there was no signal, so I couldn’t have one.
    I could not remember to take it with me., she posted a 8×10 sheet of paper on every exit of the house.
    It’s been 3/+ years and most of the time I remember.
    Yesterday I was trying to write about my day.
    I really hate to type in all that I want to say, I’m much happier with a phone.
    Anyway, I spent most of the morning making Christmas cards.
    I used to do a lot of stamping, I have many different kinds.
    I use water color paints, of the water pencils.
    Then I went on my Kindle to check emails etc.
    I went on U tube to listen to Shirley Bassey, did that for a couple of hours, what a voice.
    Then I saw a Barbra Streisand concert, back in 1994..I was star struck again.
    She has been my favorite vocalist for so many years. Gosh SO many memories.
    My heart most breaks, it’s torture, but I have to listen.
    Every note is so pure.
    This is what I wrote yesterday, then I tried to send it, poof it was gone.
    This is such hard work for me.
    Hopefully it will arrive at your doorstep.
    Today, more cards, church this morning.
    It was the choirs cantata, it was lovely, its just a little church, with a little choir, they put their heart and soul in the music. I came home feeling positive.
    Haynes is still in the Lavaca hospital, but doing much better.
    The doctor called me to say he he should to transferred back to the nursing home tomorrow, but he will be on antibiotics for a few more days.
    OK let’s see if it flies.

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