Nice Exchange of Skills

image_566198487508049A neighbor helping me to do some repairs on my RV complained of back pain. I asked if he’d tried acupuncture and he had not. so I offered to give him treatments in exchange for his help.

Word got out in the RV park of the plan and the next day I had 5 women and one man in a circle with needles placed for various concerns and my RV is now level for the first time.  But the neighbor was not one of them, scared of needles!

One thought on “Nice Exchange of Skills

  1. So glad your skills are being put to good use.
    It’s a good exchange for a level house.
    Some kind of normal today, I went back to my volunteer job at the Food Pantry.
    I had several things I couldn’t use in my new little house, one being, my 3 inch foam bed topper.
    I hated to part with it, it was so comfortable, it was just a little to thick on my mattress for my Murphy bed.
    It made it difficult to close..
    Also I had several nativity sets, and pretty decorations, they went like a flash.
    The first person who came today was a young man who was homeless.
    I had a big thick blanket, he was so grateful.
    Today was the last day of the work men in my house, thank goodness. I just get things cleaned up when they have to sand, or paint.!!!!!!
    It’s time to clean again
    I don’t know how you have managed with you RV.
    I am having a hell of a time adjusting to my little house.

    I have to move everything around, when the work men come, plus move the dogs outside, put the cat in the carrier.
    All three have had a hard time with this move, they are scared of being left.
    I do feel that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    So hopefully in the New Year I will be settled.
    Good night, see you soon.


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