a red flag alert does not refer to wind

You knew that didn’t you.

It is a fire alert When it’s dry and windy with potential for fires. Just needed to clarify that, feeling foolish to think it would be a wind alert, have not lived anywhere where I’d heard a red flag alert before. So, its windy again today. I was going to do laundry today and still could but I started doing stuff on my computer and now the urge to do laundry has escaped and so……..yah, tomorrow is good too.

I like adding a picture here, just something for those readers that need a visual, so here’s my bathroom again, not pictured is the three tired wire basket that I had in my ‘kitchen’ fell down, too many sweet potatoes, so I’m going to use it in the bathroom, the shower bar should hold it it’s black but I’ll spray paint it to match the mirror as I have a can of spray paint about that color for some reason, I’ll do it when I can do it outside without having the wind blow it away or at me..

See that I covered the shelf with this paper that I removed from my table that Jose built to put in here? That paper was a total waste of time and money, doesn’t look good anywhere I put it.I don’t mind the little sink much, maybe paint it with ‘paint on anything’ spray paint. …or not.

I was noticing that the pictures that I printed with my newish little printer makes better photos than Walgreens, I can see the difference in the ones I have here and the ones I have over the fridge, good because I don’t have a Walgreens anywhere close to here.

See that pretty little dish on the ledge? It’s my new denture cup, I tossed the blue one with the cover to hide what was in there, tho the shape tells you it’s a denture cup. I think putting my denture in this pretty little cup instead shows a spirit of ……….hmmmm what? kind of a rebel- ness against keeping secret (or shame) the fact that you wear a denture. note I don’t have the denture in the photo, still not comfortable with that visual.

I’m just meandering here today, you can tell, right? It’s cuz I’m thinking about what to do about the boring exterior of GIGI. Whatever I do or have done will cost me money that I don’t have. But free to consider and plan. I wonder what kind of paints would be used on the exterior. I’ve seen decals used on u-tube nomadic fanatic so it’s not painted directly on the RV, his decals covered the whole RV. Got ideas? send them to me!

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