It’s a beautiful evening after the light rain this afternoon. We are under a huge gray cloud but to the east and west the skies are blue with puffy white clouds.

pink sky at night, sailors delight?

I got a touch of heat exhaustion today, too long in the hot springs, chills and headache that hasn’t left me.

I’ve wasted time this week, haven”t done much and have much to do. I need to take GG in to fill propane and get the new connections installed, and learn how to work with the new system when it gets here, I ordered it this week. I want to refinish my kitchen counters with resin, I have to go to Walmart for more black paint and and a ladder so I can paint my door red, Becca says if I add a red light above it I could get kicked out of the park!. So funny, vibrant color is important to me. Red is my color. I ‘ll have to plan a day in the ‘city’ soon to get all my errands done. Meanwhile I wait for my studio to get here impatiently. because ‘stuff’ I’ve ordered , a red couch in case someone wants needles applied and a crafting/painting desk , they’ll be here soon and I won’t have space to put them until the studio arrives.

I want to get everything in place so that I can give some time to volunteer at the local Hospice.

Need to fix my car still. We have an appointment in El Paso on the 10th, what a pain it is to have to go so far for repair, 200 miles or so, but there is no other option right now.

I love being retired, being retired is so freeing and another day or two is all the same.

But I don’t want to be lazy, just choose my time to accomplish my goals.

My neighbor is playing music I can hear, he asked if it was too loud, it’s not, it’s fine let’s see what music he listens to. He is dancing alone, I see his feet moving across from me from under his RV, how lovely, Now i don’t feel silly when I dance with myself outside (no room inside) with my music for exercise, it’s as good as walking and more fun.

I like the people here, there are not many RV’s here now as this is the season to travel but there are about seven besides me that plan to stay a while because it’s a good place to be. So what is the difference in staying in an RV park or a trailer park? Not much really except we can leave. No trailer park stigma here….yet.

I’m sitting outside on my RV steps, no mosquitoes here, I wonder why not, too windy?

My seeds planted are growing up despite the wind I have to protect them from.

too many plantitas in there, I couldn’t bear to thin them out. Maybe I can transplant some of them when they get a little bigger.


Today 3 park friends and I went to soak our aged bodies in mineral hot springs search of ………the fountain of youth and all I got was a sunburn.

The water was hot today and we soaked for one hour for $12 each in a community pool where one must wear a suit, no nude soaking in the community pools..

Honestly I don’t feel that great, I have a headache and think I was in the water too long.

There weren’t many people in the pools today, one gentleman in a speedo was in and out of the pool and I noticed he had either a pacemaker or defibrillator in his chest, or both and I wondered if this was good for someone with heart concerns, maybe that is why he didn’t stay in too long. No comment needed on the speedo.

the location of the hot springs is along the Rio Grande. in and around T or C.

The grounds are planted with grape vines and local plants, it is so relaxing and lovely. think I might get a tee shirt, they have them in multiple colors.

The whisper zone is enforced and no one raises their voices while in the zone. Except that they have construction happening so noise was already there and we didn’t have to whisper.

I like to go a couple times a month because my feet feel so soft after soaking, and a limited therapeutic dose of sunshine is fine.