What Would You Do?

I’d take away their guns

but that’s not possible so here’s what I would do

a government DO NOT SELL LIST updated daily and monitored , required of all gun sellers to sign into when making a sale with sales information and cross checked with POLICE RECORDS

Permits and proof of purchase of a locked box

Profile exam taken before sale, reason for purchase and intent

Wait time at least 2 weeks

buy back program

inspectors to monitor sales

tax handguns 400% or more



allow hunting guns

allow shot guns

allow smart guns




I left out the most important thing!

Teach in schools, from the earliest years to graduation,

Citizenship and Civics lessons to inform our children of the responsibilities and the advantages of living and growing in this country, teaching universal values of honestly and decency. so as they grow they are informed correctly

I believe we can all agree that one answer to our gun problem in the long term means we need to solve the problems of ill informed young people, and some not so young, who feel disenfranchised and left behind to organize and fight back against their perceived condition to demand their rights and freedom via violence .

4 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. People always find a way to get around regulations and laws in order to do/get what they want -whether it’s guns, drugs, sex, money, alcohol, or crossing a border, to name a few examples – unfortunately, this is the broken world we live in. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be consequences for carrying out unlawful decisions, just that there always has been and always will be wrong behavior…a sad truth about human beings.


      1. Gun laws wouldn’t be necessary in a (more) perfect world. I have no answers, but my faith sustains me. Maranatha.


  2. Agree with all of your ideas.
    There is no good reason for these military style guns!!!!!
    Or these huge amounts of bullets.
    We used to talk to people.
    What the hell happened???!!!!
    We also used to have a Congress that talked to each other😥


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