Flan de la casa

Have you ever laughed uncontrollably about something no one else thought was funny? I didn’t we want to forget this post idea so I made a voice memo to myself. I tried to add it here but haven’t been able but there I am laughing uncontrollably about what?

As I was trying to sleep I got this image of me with my family going out my son who was was 8 or 10 in this dream-like image and he says I want hot dog buns. This never happened in real life and again I’m laughing. Hysterically.

Itts like the time we went out to eat and my daughter says flan de la casa and we all started laughing, that really did happen as Nancy can attest bewildered that we found it so darn funny! Even today I can still grin about it

Then there is the time in Austin I was taking my sister and her daughter to show them a bit of Austin and couldn’t get out of the parking lot. Yeah big time hysterical laughter .silly ladies.

Hysterical laughing is almost frightening, the sense of lost power, tears rolling down your cheeks and then you feel that oops damn and you probably look pretty silly. But you are laughing and that is good for your soul