Coming Soon, My Shop

Soon as I figure out how, I will add paintings that I have for sale.

I’m playing around here adding and moving things while live so it may not appear as it should, but stick around it will all turn out just fine. Really! This is my faavorite time of year in Caballo, when flowers are blooming and the winds are not too great. But winter approaches, it’s harder to get started in the morning because it is dark too long and chilly when not downright cold. I’ll keep this photo up until the flowers die or get taken into the studio in hopes they will servive another winter, then I’ll find another way to greet you to TailGateArt.

Galletas María

They are not really that great, kind of simple, bland, not a lot of flavor, but I bought a whole box of them. 4 rolls. So why buy them!

They remind me of Panama.

I am a reminiscent buyer of memories. Do you ever do this, I find I do it often, it’s a way to keep those memories close. Every time I eat a cracker it will remind me of Panama early days before we could buy from the Panama Canal commissary.

That brings another memory, buying stuff from the commissary and later the PX. We had privileges, as I was an employee of the Panama Canal Company, and later of the Department of Defense so we could go and buy where the rest of the family could not. So you know we did a lot of family grocery shopping that never made it home….our home. Especially around the holidays, hams and turkeys bought in several trips rerouted to family homes. Everyone did the same, some on a much larger scale, you could see px sales down the street by some enterprising souls. Efforts made by those in charge to keep those products only for those with privileges and punishment for those who disrespected those efforts, were laughable. We did it for family. Knowing someone with privileges was an asset!. We didn’t abuse it too much or too often.

Interesting times.

So, galletas maría, papaya for Elias,(I winder if he still likes it) potato fries for Evan, just a few things I buy because of the memories they bring me.

Walking down to the lake

Preferably that is how I would get to the lake.

But it really hurts my legs and hips, and hey, they are old and tired , so I finally bought a park pass and can drive down and get to the same place I would walk to. The park property is close to the RV park I don’t know why I had not thought to get the day pass for $40-year before now. Did I tell you this already? Sorry if I did, absent minded I am.

It’s super windy today, glad I don’t have to go anywhere. Neither the RV nor the smart car do well in the wind so I just stay out of it and am taking the time to write here and plan new posts to schedule for the next few days….so I don’t bore you with too many posts in one day.

I tried riding a friends new bike today. I fell into my garden and smacked my knee pretty good. The bike is heavier than I expected, apparently drives itself, which is why I tumbled, it was ready before I was. I wasn’t prepared and was possibly pushing on the handle accellerator thingy when it took off pretty much without me. She loves her bike but its not for me, the thing folds up, how about that!. (Why did the print just change here?) So much to learn! I like it

My knee is fine, just a little bruised, Im a tough ole gal with strong bones, thanks to my jeans! Not what I wanted to write but I have problems remembering how to find and spell my words.

Trip to Hatch

I’m loving the ride to Hatch where I can see what’s s growing, what’s harvested and take photos to show you. Peppers are every where. See that branch fallen, I picked that up and took it home, not because I would use it, peppers aren’t my thing but it was just lying there and I liked how it looked

Huge cotton fields ready for picking, some already harvested others look ready and I did pick one ball to feel it, it’s soft and not easily pulled from the stem. I’d never felt a new cotton ball, I wonder where it gets processed, love cotton fabric.

So while waiting for my clothes to wash I walked over to the Mexican shop to look at fabric. This place is like going into Mexico without going to Mexico, you can buy fabrics, colorful pots, things made with peppers, t’shirts, backpacks, dish wares, and much more. But I looked at fabrics to change GG’s look.

GG’s New Mexico update

At night I close the front cab and windows with the fabrics hanging on the windows and it looks very comfy. I kinda miss my Indian fabrics and will use them again when I get tired of this New Mexico look. I had to cover that ugly stained part of the ceiling and this blanket did the trick and will help insulate, the other blanket will be put over the windshield when it gets very cold. I decided to not buy more paint but use whatever I had so I didn’t paint all the green and the blue is several different shades but oh well I think it’s just fine.

Hasta la Vista Amigos!

Life is Good

Today I found my lost glasses and paired my old keyboard to my iPad. Life is good

But the new used keyboard I got today to replace the old one doesn’t work right, some of the letters are worn off., and some don’t print as indicated. i didn’t{t think the old one worked but it does so I’m happy but for this ñ{ which I’ll have to figure out.

The glasses I got are not what I ordered so both the glasses and the keyboard will get sent back, I wonder if it will take as long for them to get them as it did for me to get them!

I{m waiting for some stuff for the RV to get here. A new electrical plug to replace one held together with electrical tape, a decal that says Tailgateart to put outside by the door, I{m replacing the tapes that cover the screws that are worn and dirty. Yesterday. I did part of the rear but ran out of the tape stuff so will have to order a lot more as it goes all around the body and will really look much better if I can get it all done. i may need to get some help or a longer ladder, it{s not really hard to do and I can take my time. Old GG will look sharp on the outside as well as inside finally!…

And finally we will get on the road but just to Plano TX where I will leave GG and Charley and hop on a flight to VA to spend Thanksgiving with family.

But before that my sister Shar and Carl are coming to visit, I really look forward to seeing them and want to show them around here…….that{s a joke because I haven’t been anywhere hardly cuz I’m always busy doing my thing right here. So that’s great, there are plenty of interesting things to see here, that I haven’t investigated yet.


Name this painting please

We walked down to the lake today

I hadn’t walked down since my experience there with pot that I think I mentioned before here. Today is windy 20 miles an hour but in the seventies and I’d spent all day yesterday in bed because of my usual concerns, also mentioned before here. Anyway it seemed like a good day to walk a bit. I wish I had thought to bring my phone to take a few photos but it was a spur of the moment that we went from dog park to lake path.

Walking down was easy as a road has been built part of the way that wasn’t there the last time I’d walked it. I guess it took about 20 minutes in a slow walk. I took Charley’s leash off and let him wander a bit always checking to make sure he didn’t go too far.

We got to the lake to find five cows looking at us like we didn’t belong there. They forgot about us when we didn’t bother them. The lake is low on water, I noticed on my ride to Hatch that the Rio Grande is also low. It’s a great place to sit and contemplate. The place is clean and someone has built a fire pit, it would be a good place to park an RV but I don’t know if there’s a road coming in from anywhere accessible. Next time I come I’ll bring my little fold up stool and some watercolors and paper.

The only problem I had was the walk, especially the walk back which seemed much longer because my hips and legs hurt so much. Probably should find out why some day but why look for bad news at this point?

Back home I had a 0.0 Heineken and decided to write about this little episode before I forgot, and then try for a nap.

By the way, CJ the RV camp owner always celebrates all holidays and for Halloween has a costume party. I’m thinking aged hippy or old rock star. What do you think?

On the road to Hatch

Pecan trees

Going from Caballo to do laundry in. Hatch I pass numerous pecan trees planted in perfect rows for miles and later along the way I see rows and rows of corn fields, last week the corn in some fields has been harvested, there are fields of cotton that look almost ready to harvest and miles of peppers. Hatch is “the peppers capital of the world”

Not very clear but I think these are peppers

New Mexico is an agricultural state and has two planting seasons depending on the area.

My crop this year, poor because of the heat but revived in early fall.

I’m planning to keep heat in my studio this winter to save my plants. Last winter I had plants with a grow light in my RV, (they didn’t do very well,) now I’m sleeping up there so not much space to keep my pots of plants.

Yesterday I cleaned up the garden pulled out the tomato plants and now I have left a squash plant, a watermelon plant with three small watermelons that I think are miniatures, a cucumber plant, several. Basil plants, I really like the smell of basil and keep a pot of it in my kitchen window,Having to write on my iPad as my computer green and black bell peppers and finally some flowers, I hope we don’t get a freeze soon. I’d really like to enjoy my small patch of green a while longer. I see that after tomorrow we will be in the 70s during the day but drops pretty cold at night.

Having to write this on my iPad with my hot spot as my computer is acting strange but although I’m not used to writing on this I hardly need my computer any more, and that’s okay, I’ll need to learn more about this device, I’m sure I’m not using all its functions.


Trip didn’t happen

I was convinced to not move the RV until Chip the RV guy checked it out and I’d also checked my tires. So I just got another 2 gallons of gas plus a friend added a bit more so when I tried the generator having a quarter tank of gas, she started! I bought a filer and oil for the generator but don’t have the tools I’d need to change the oil myself. so when I go to town I’ll get that done plus an oil change for the truck as well. Next is to resolve my roof problems. My poor Gigi has been neglected but now I’m determined to be a better owner to avoid costly problems that prevent travel. I guess I’ll travel into town once a month to keep things functional. At least that’s what is suggested I do. I’m thinking about selling art from Gigi now and then in town.