RV concerns

There are a few repairs that need doing ASAP

Leaky roof, my shower liners aren’t completely eliminating the problem so I think the solar panel needs to be removed to check under it for holes in the roof. We’re expecting a lot of rain but our master RV tech is busy until the 11th when he’ll be able to check it out for me and fix it.

Lack of electrical power on one side of GG. Lights don’t work dead sockets, I probably did something I should not have, I don’t know and am scared to mess with power, I’d really like all my lights to work and not have everything plugged into one area.

My generator didn’t fire up the last time I tried it but I understand you need at least a quarter tank of gas and mine is nearly empty so I’m hoping that is easily resolved by getting gas. I filled my 2 gallon tank today at the nearest gas station cost me $7.50. Can’t wait to fill up! not sure what the price of gas is in town,not much less than here I expect.

Mold? Need to remove a panel to check for rain damage I’ve been hiding under fabric. The ceiling is wrinkled on one panel so I know there is water damage. Frank, who did the roof work in 2019 did me no favors and had to come again for the same leak months later. I should have gotten the expert in the first place

Despite these concerns I really like my RV. She’s old and needs TLC often of course I’d love a bigger prettier bathroom, something easier to keep clean and enjoy instead of a place to keep the laundry basket that needs to be moved when I take a quick shower and repainted often to keep white. At least I haven’t had a problem with big spiders or snakes coming up the drain as some people have told me about their experiences. In conparison to the much larger home- like RV’s, I like not having to worry about all the mechanisms that are found in them or having to tow it with a truck. All in all I think GG wAS A GOOD CHOICE FOR ME then and still is.

2 thoughts on “RV concerns

  1. I’m so glad that you are happy with her.
    I admire you so much for doing all these things.
    I wouldn’t care to do it, I guess I have always had someone to take care of things.
    Love you kid.


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