As I don’t have a TV I needed something besides the library to keep me informed and interested, so I subscribe to Wondrium which  is an update of Great Courses Plus, which I had in the past taken several classes. Today I have been listening to a course called The Meaning of Life : Perspectives from the Worlds Great Intellectual Traditions, which I will have to postpone watching because I need to pay attention to just one thing at a time.

I’ve painted almost everyday and recently on the outside of my RV. What I did last year has faded and in restoring it I don’t like what I did so will do it again one of these cool mornings. Like this one but I said to myself, I should write today and so I am.

I got some gas to add to the tank as I found out that I need at least a quarter tank of gas for the generator to function, but haven’t added it yet, will do before I go for more gas.  Going to get gas sounds like an easy chore doesn’t it?   But it means moving everything that will move when I move the RV, inside and outside. I have the picnic table behind the RV plus my mini washing machine and chair from the RV that I removed and don’t know what to do with. ( but it gives me a leg up when I want to go up top to check the roof..)  I need to disconnect the sewer and water lines plus the electric cord that keeps things working inside and the hot water line and lift the stair. Inside I’ll need to take down my shelf for dishes and glasses, remove the toaster and fast boiling water pitcher, remove the ice maker, check the glass ware safety issues, move the clothes hanging in the cab, find a way to keep the pantry door closed during moving and so much more, oh and remove the tire covers! So not a simple process when going to the gas station to get enough gas to travel. Travelling makes a mess inside if everything isn’t fastened down, you hear things moving behind you on turns.

I haven’t moved GIGI for a while and they say that is bad for the tires, they were all new so I’m hopiing I won’t have a problem, I’ve kept them covered most of the time. I want to take a short trip to see my son in Plano and my sister nearby with her family in Richardson TX. I’d like to go for Thanksgiving or maybe Christmas. I’ll have to have the truck checked too, I had the oil changed and all that done before we settled down here, I was told the brake fluid was nearly completely gone so I’ll check all that before travelling. Who knows, if the weather is good I may keep going east., I’d like to see family out there but it’s such a long ways t go with the price of gas as it is, makes me hesitate.

I’ll let you know if I find out the Meaning of Life!

2 thoughts on “WONDRIUM And MORE

  1. That sounds like a performance to get the gas.
    I haven’t been driving much lately, mostly going to PT, I only have two more visits, it’s a pain in the rear end.!!
    I am walking the dogs in the park now with a cane, I get tired easily, but thats to be expected.
    I had a wonderful surprise a couple of weeks ago.
    My head nurse when I was in the newborn nursery came to see me.
    She and her husband live in Arizona, came to visit family and friends in Austin..
    We were working at Andrews 40 years ago, I was there for 6 years, then we transferred to Hampton Va.
    She was great to work for, we have keep in touch all this time..
    Such a lovely person, terrific sense of humor .
    We had a lovely meal, and the walk down memory lane was so nice.
    If you come to Texas I would love to see you.
    Is the weather cooling off there now?.
    We have been lucky, the heat hasn’t been
    Take care of yourself kid.
    Love always.


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