Life is Good

Today I found my lost glasses and paired my old keyboard to my iPad. Life is good

But the new used keyboard I got today to replace the old one doesn’t work right, some of the letters are worn off., and some don’t print as indicated. i didn’t{t think the old one worked but it does so I’m happy but for this ñ{ which I’ll have to figure out.

The glasses I got are not what I ordered so both the glasses and the keyboard will get sent back, I wonder if it will take as long for them to get them as it did for me to get them!

I{m waiting for some stuff for the RV to get here. A new electrical plug to replace one held together with electrical tape, a decal that says Tailgateart to put outside by the door, I{m replacing the tapes that cover the screws that are worn and dirty. Yesterday. I did part of the rear but ran out of the tape stuff so will have to order a lot more as it goes all around the body and will really look much better if I can get it all done. i may need to get some help or a longer ladder, it{s not really hard to do and I can take my time. Old GG will look sharp on the outside as well as inside finally!…

And finally we will get on the road but just to Plano TX where I will leave GG and Charley and hop on a flight to VA to spend Thanksgiving with family.

But before that my sister Shar and Carl are coming to visit, I really look forward to seeing them and want to show them around here…….that{s a joke because I haven’t been anywhere hardly cuz I’m always busy doing my thing right here. So that’s great, there are plenty of interesting things to see here, that I haven’t investigated yet.


Name this painting please