Trip to Hatch

I’m loving the ride to Hatch where I can see what’s s growing, what’s harvested and take photos to show you. Peppers are every where. See that branch fallen, I picked that up and took it home, not because I would use it, peppers aren’t my thing but it was just lying there and I liked how it looked

Huge cotton fields ready for picking, some already harvested others look ready and I did pick one ball to feel it, it’s soft and not easily pulled from the stem. I’d never felt a new cotton ball, I wonder where it gets processed, love cotton fabric.

So while waiting for my clothes to wash I walked over to the Mexican shop to look at fabric. This place is like going into Mexico without going to Mexico, you can buy fabrics, colorful pots, things made with peppers, t’shirts, backpacks, dish wares, and much more. But I looked at fabrics to change GG’s look.

GG’s New Mexico update

At night I close the front cab and windows with the fabrics hanging on the windows and it looks very comfy. I kinda miss my Indian fabrics and will use them again when I get tired of this New Mexico look. I had to cover that ugly stained part of the ceiling and this blanket did the trick and will help insulate, the other blanket will be put over the windshield when it gets very cold. I decided to not buy more paint but use whatever I had so I didn’t paint all the green and the blue is several different shades but oh well I think it’s just fine.

Hasta la Vista Amigos!