We made it to Tx

It was a long and thirsty ride

The last 200 miles seemed to never end

One night spent at a truck stop another in a Walmart parking lot and finally at our destination. We took 2 days because I didn’t want to arrive in the dark, I guess I’ll be billed for all those tolls I past, but I couldn’t figure out how to avoid them and I was too tired to try to do anything but follow the directions given to me from my phone. Thank goodness for that voice from my phone.

Long distance driving is hard. I suppose I should have expected the bladder bitch appearance, tomorrow should be better.

Now Charley doesn’t want to get in the RV via the cab because he knows we will be driving again. So I open the house side of the RV and he is better thinking it’s home, but I can’t fool him and only use that door when it’s in and out to get something, not start up the engine to move.

Now I’m ready to fly like a bird to the eastern side of the country and cooler weather to check in with family after 3 years of doing it alone.

On the road again

It’s been a long time since we’ve traveled any distance

Tonight we are sleeping at Jim’s truck stop on IH10 in Van Horn Tx where the price of gas was $3.89. I did not fill up there!

Charley does not travel well.

I’m so sorry, he wants to be too close to my legs on the floor. Obviously not a good place for him, I’m hoping tomorrow will be better, we’ll start out when it gets light enough to drive, don’t like driving in the dark or at dusk so we stopped before 6 pm today.

GG is fine, I stop for gas when I’m half full. I should have packed up better still had some things flying on corner turns a few broken dishes that I didn’t pack well, my fault I insist an China rather than plastic but staying in one place is different than traveling, I still prefer China and glass to plastic whatevers.

Going to sleep now, I write this now for my friend Joan who worries too much and this may relieve her mind that we are fine! We are fine, no problems.

GG’s New Mexico fashion update

I just invited some facebook RV groups to stop by to check out GG’s new look.

I need to say that my photos do not do her justice, but we are very happy with whats happening on the outside as well as on the inside. I’ve removed and replaced all her inserts(don’t know what they are called) but she looks much cleaner and well cared for and it wasn’t too difficult for me as I could change many of them from the roof, which by the way the repair done a few weeks ago look great. It was a simple job that if I’d had the product they used I could have done it myself. The fact that I had not electric on one side of the RV was almost too simple and was restored with the touch of a button, most embarrassing, you know what I mean? And when she had enough gas applied the generator worked fine too.

I’m waiting on Amazon for a few more items to complete her look, did you notice her new poster on the side, a new carpet for the step, new painting on the side that I’m not real happy about but it’s okay for a hippy person like me.Inside it really just new fabrics because we are in New Mexico and plan to stay here for a long time. And i love color. I miss my Indian fabrics a bit but can change back any time and probably will cuz they look so exotic and make me feel like I’m in a harem of one.

I’m adding a couple photos now that I’ve added before for any new readers interested just in GG