, on-line dating

So many lonely people is what I see on the dating site. lonely old men, from 68 to 85, most are in their 75+ range. I did see one man I could have liked to know at 85 but he is in Georgia, a retired judge, we agreed the distance was unfortunate .

The good guys don’t live in New Mexico! That is probably true, it’s a beautiful but poor state full of artists and government employees. The closest location of the men I’ve viewed are men in Arizona playing golf..

Now that I think of it, why didn’t I do this while I lived in the DC area or the Dallas area where distances would have mattered less and there would have been more available men? Because it never crossed my mind! That’s just like me too late for the party!

I think about friends from my Panama years, some I worked with everyday are gone, yet here am I wondering what’s next and if this is what’s next. I’m not one to plan far ahead but honestly I’m pretty satisfied with how things are for me right now, but I question if this will be a satisfactory long term plan for me,a 79 year old woman with limited resources and good health.

I guess this is what I’ll be writing about now. I check to see if there’s anyone new on my list of available men and see if anyone has answered or written me a note, I wonder about those personality tests and how some seem compatible when I definitely don’t think we would be. There is one that is super high so I wrote to ask him, why he thought that could be but he hasn’t answered me so maybe not?

good in coffee and how does that bird get in my photos!

Tinted Sunscreen and Mascara

I wasted some time this morning trying out my new stuff, wasted money too probably but just on the cream foundation which feels too heavy and accentuates my smile lines I’ll probably just use tinted sun screen and mascara, I never liked the mess of mascara but this looks nice when applied right from the base and not just the tips as she demonstrates. My skin is darker than the color foundation I bought so it feels icky and color match is poor, thinking of using it in summer heat is ridiculous never been one to use foundation but my skin color is very uneven with brown splotches from the sun, it is what it is, not my greatest concern.

So having my sun screen on, but not my gloves (my bad) I went out to clean up my patio full of leaves and winter debris . It’s beautiful today, sunny in the low 70’s and not too windy. I collected all my rocks that I have outside here and there on the ground and put them on my, covered with plastic, picnic table to spray with polyurethane. They are rocks I’ve covered with paper and varnish, some with resin but being outside have lost their shine, so I’m going to spray them in mass, and place them here and there around my patio,just something fun I like to do.

Rocks on table waiting to be beautified

I see I have a few new faces on my dating site, one looks promising and lives in Ruidoso that is not too far from here, and he’s only 66, he’ll probably think I’m too old for him, maybe so, he chops wood and some of his photos show him active in the snow….: in the mountains, but I like his attitude, I sent him a note so we’ll see if he responds, I’ll let you know. He’s interested in successful women, I wonder in what way successful, either financially or professionally or socially or general satisfaction with life.He’s one of the only men that have been rated as extroverted so far, most are introverted as we know am I. He doesn’t say what he has done as far as jobs during his working life but he writes well, articulate, sincere I don’t know. Waiting to see.