Jade roller and gua stone

Delivered today, very pretty packaging. An inexpensive addition to my beauty routine. Hope they turn out to be more useful than the makeup I bought. Also in the delivery was woman’s dermplaning facial and eyebrows razors x5. Plus gold eye treatment mask. I wonder if all this attention to my skin just makes me more aware of the lines on my face that I didn’t really care about before. Maybe this is a time of healing Glad I haven’t bought into buying more expensive products that I doubt would make a difference, my skin has been traumatized by the sun and the years it has been on my face. If that makes me less attractive to a man, he should look in the mirror himself,

I’ve been putting the. On my face at night, it burns a little uncomfortably it reddens my face,maybe I just need to be patient while it works to lessen the brown pigmentation?

One thought on “Jade roller and gua stone

  1. You have more patience than me.
    Good luck with the gold stuff.
    Ask Charley what he thinks???
    If the man judges you at 79 by your face.
    I would say “forget” that jerk


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