My Painted Mola

When I painted this I did not think to paint a mola and only realized it when it was finished. I lived in Panama for 30 years but never thought to paint an intricate mola but I like this and think turned out well.  I did paint a mola on a table that I sent to Hawaii


I did paint a mola on a table. that I sent to Hawaii to a family that had lived in Panama they saw my table they asked me to send it to them, it was a gift.

I swoon for Red paint doesn’t everyone?

This came together well, I like the shapes and the colors,  I think it has good energy. I like painting in red.  The resin finish turned out perfect like glass.

I  will paint more like this with abstract shapes and coordinated colors in red





Learning Ribbon Painting

I ‘ve been watching videos on UTube by Mr. M Lang who is an incredible abstract painter and generously shares his techniques online.  I haven’t learned the ways of shading yet and my work doesn’t resemble his work but I am having a good time trying.


Tail Gate Art I was feeling Optimistic

 until reality touched me!

I had a great idea,  I could sell my paintings from the trunk of my car.  I had permission from the management and it looked like it might be possible. I was able to sell from the parking lot………

for 2 weekends.

Great idea no so great.

Since then I’ve moved to Richardson TX and will be taking my art to farmers markets on weekends.  It may not be the best place to sell art but it’s what is available.

We will have our first time putting up a tent, set up tables and hanging my art on a grid.

We look forward to the challenge.