Unsold Paintings & More


I have about 30 unsold paintings, 50 pursettas, and many wood bangles.    Note cards too.

Seems like all this is telling me something.  ReEvaluate my time (I have plenty) my finances ( I don’t have a lot).  Perhaps its time to face the music, as they say, and do something with all this before I’m ready to move on, move  to my next adventure. I have too much stuff , won’t fit into my new life, my new domain which will only measure 8 x 22 feet with wheels.

I thought I could continue painting while on the road and sell them at different towns we stop in but what kind of license will that require?

Whatever style mobile living we choose there won’t be a lot of wall space to hang my favorites on.  so what will I do with them.  I don’t know.  They are special to me but may not be for anyone else

I’m almost in tears

It’s an emotional time, excuse me.

I don’t actually have that domain yet so the description could be in error, but it’s c.lose, I’ve been spending time on ebay again. And counting my paints.

Good news, my family will be happy to know that my sister-in-law may be part of my plans .

Joan will be the muscle, I will be the…….oh that’s a little scary considering the status of my brain, I will be the one with the aging brain.  I hope she is up to it (hope I am) but if she can hike many miles with a pack on her back, I will be happy to share the space..    She is a fantastic person ever if she talks so much,  To my chagrin when talking about how this might work I told her she talks too much ,………silence on the line…….quickly I said no, you don’t talk too much you just talk more than I do. (she does talk a lot though I often learn something from her,)  sorry Joan.  My sister is relieved that she is coming with me i guess she thinks I’m not strong enough to manage on my own tho that was my plan until I remembered that Joan and I are in similar situations and this may prove to be the best option both  of us have..  I think when I’m with Joan I will by her example, get stronger.  I’m lazy now. We will be two nurses on the road.

I’m a lazy 75 year old.  With luck I’ll be a prosperous 80 year old  or at least a happy 80 year old.  That thought really puts things in perspective. I’m only 5 years away to 80 damn that’s old !

So, the art.  I guess we should do one more farmers market, moving sale, a great reduction in price, the problem with that is that it takes a lot of energy to set up the tent,  the grid for the paintings, the tables carting it all around. and my sister is not feeling very enthusiastic and neither am I now and I need her help to put it all together.  I can’t do it alone. Maybe I can sell all that equipment. (sold)

I was very lucky that a woman loved my work and bought 6 paintings,  I haven’t found another buyer.  But I haven’t show my work during the cold months, they won’t get sold sitting here in my studio. I guess the fact is that I don’t need the sales enough.  Of course I do need them but not enough to try different options and persist.

Anyway, I will continue painting of course but not to expect sales  just for my pleasure and family can just expect to get paintings for presents from now on.

Okay, nuff said, I’ll  go organize my paint brushes now


What is the Big Deal about Giclée Prints?


What are giclée prints?

(pronounced zhee-clay)

This is a type of inkjet printing meant to produce a product at a higher quality with a longer lifespan than a standard desktop inkjet printer.

Three basic criteria

  • The print needs to be 300 dots per inch to insure the sharpest detail
  •  The paper used must be of archival quality and acid free.   Professional series papers are more expensive than plain white copy paper. Epson papers are among the finest papers to use.  If you are buying a giclee print confirm the type of paper it is printed on.
  • A giclee print  is printed on a large format printer using pigment based inks.  Pigment based inks have a longer lifespan, can last from 100 to 200 years without significant fading

The advantage to artists producing their work as a giclee print is that is can be created ‘on demand’.  Only printing one print at a time.

They are more expensive to produce, and more expensive to buy.

  •  Ink is more expensive, a new set of inks cost $140.00 for my Epson Artisan 1430.
  •  The printer is more expensive, $350 instead of $89. (still a good deal but I use it only for prints and use my hp for other needs)
  • The paper is much more expensive.

I have the Epson Artisan 1430 and can print up to 13′ x 19′ prints and I use Epson inks and Epson art papers

This Information is taken from an article at Creative Blog Art and Design inspiration.  creativeblog.com



My Restless Mind What’s next?


First I painted flowers following lessons online and in books using techniques by one-step maven Dona Dewberry it was fun, they certainly weren’t botanical specimens but after gifting many I began selling them, people liked them at craft fairs. Then I started making cards with my photos and selling them too.


Next up, I saw the papers that my sister used to make her rocks and thought about what else could be made with the same papers.   I thought jewelry and ordered wood bangles from China when I couldn’t ‘find any suppliers in the USA, I did try..  I covered them with beautiful papers made in Japan, Thailand, India, and Tibet. and gave them three coats of varnish.  I ordered some rings from China too so they would match the bangles.  Beautiful items but our wrists and fingers are larger than those of Chinese women and we had trouble getting them over our hands without scraping our knuckles and the rings only fit to the first knuckle, (so I called them knuckle knockers).  I still have most of them, will give them away one of these days. Slight miscalculation but many pleasant hours of making.

Never one to be without a project   I started sewing little purses, I called them pursettas and I must have sewn 100 pursettas , thinking surely women would see how convenient they were, it was when we wore our mini purses hanging from our shoulders and kept our phones and keys ready for a trip to the store,  I made vertical and horizontal pursettas with pretty buttons to use for the office. Some for summer, others for winter and some large enough to carry a tennis ball.

PicMonkey Collage (12)I must have 85 of them still.  Need a pursetta?

I am an idea person but unfortunately, I have difficulty following through with marketing because if you can’t sell you should go slowly into the project and maybe start with making only a few items to test and not go crazy with this new idea. Good advice

I need to follow my advice.

For me it’s not even about making money as I often give my stuff away, you like it?  it’s yours.

I do that.

Next up I made rocks like my sister Shar but only used papers from Thailand because I loved the elegance and deep colors of the papers. Shar made these beauties and I made the next,  by the way, they are still for sale, drop me a note if you are interested, she sells them by weight and design.


IMG_0476 (1)

Ready for more?

I ordered online classes from  Tim Gagnon to learn to paint landscapes.  I’m still working on my trees, having trouble painting realistic blooming, foliage on my trees.


next was a flurry of abstract paintings on canvas paper, practicing ribbon art and most lately my dots and lines that I really enjoyed making but don’t expect them to be a hot item, that’s okay I still like them any way they make a nice statement framed in a white frame.IMG_4174I took this photo thru the glass frame and I like how it turned out with a change of color and I bet I could change it more. I think I’ll try it with a few more of those paintings cuz I think it would make a cool image  on a print.( when it warms up, too cold to get out in the sun just yet)

It’s good for me to have a project that makes me get up in the morning, eager to get started.  I think besides getting prints, finding the right papers for prints, my next project will be learning all I can about living RV full-time, as time is getting short!



Thoughts of a 75-year-old woman on popular fashion, my sold painting & the weather

Sold, the one with three swings in pastels. Swings and hammocks are a popular theme and I like painting them so I’ll paint some more.

It was cold for the morning set up and got colder in the afternoon and the wind made it feel like the 49 degrees it was.  I was shivering and wondering at the people in shorts and flip-flops.  But what really got my attention were some of the women in tights, they seem to be the latest fashion statement taken too far.  If you have a fat behind (you know who you are) you should check yourself out in the mirror before showing it to all leaving little to the imagination.  Maybe my being 75 years old and not one that troubles herself overmuch with personal presentation leads me to these thoughts, but of those women, I watched today  I would guess about 30% looked good in their tights while the rest needed more coverage.  It was an interesting people watching day at the market

Shar’s rocks continue to be a popular item but we need to make more and more rocks!



Tomorrow’s Market & Kira Ishi Rocks

Tomorrow will be the first time for me to manage my TailGateArt market by myself.  Thankfully Shar will be able to help me get set up and take down and all I have to do is sell. Hoping for a nice day, the weatherman says yes, no snow or rain expected and temps in the 70’s.

My paintings will be on super sales as low as I can go to decrease my inventory.  I want to paint more landscapes and play with different techniques, there are so many options for the artist now, so much to learn.

I’m excited to start making prints of my paintings to sell.  I  bought a  printer that can make prints up to 16 x 20 (almost).  Expecting it any day now, I’m hopeful because I have a  had problems with my  printers.  I guess I’ve had about 6 or so printers over the years and they have all been a source of frustration,  I am a little concerned but determined to give this a try and if it works out as I expect I’ll sell my prints and note cards here too.

I’ll have Shar’s  kira ishi (small shiny rock in Japanese) rocks for sale tomorrow,  they have been a popular item especially for kids.

Some people think  “$5 is too much for a rock” without thinking about the skill needed to produce these beautiful rocks.  Depending on the size of the rock they cost from 50 cents to $5.00.

Costly and exotic Japanese, Thai, Indian and Nepalese papers are used to create her Kira ishi rocks and she finishes with multiple layers of varnish.

All the papers have a name, the Japanese Yuzen papers have names like Jewels, jasmine, Happiness, Midnight crane and Panda bear and many more.

The Nepalese papers are made from the Lokta bush.  Lokta paper is strong and durable and Eco-friendly and called the Nepal paper plant.

The Thai papers are made of the most luxurious Kozo momi papers that are hand marbled with stunning color combinations including metallic gold ribbons.  They have names of earth events with appropriate colors as noted below.  These are the rocks I was making but Shar makes them better than I do so she is the rock maker master.

IMG_0476 (1)

And that’s my story for today!




It was a Cold Morning….

in Richardson Texas today but we dressed in layers and set out for the Four Seasons Market with our tables, tent,  grids, chairs, rocks, paintings, tiles and persimmons for sale.  “We are getting better with the set up of the tent and it should get easier, but right now it’s still a challenge every week.

We didn’t sell any art today.

We sold rocks and tiles.  I forgot my business cards and that was embarrassing, what kind of salesperson forgets her business cards and has to give a paper with this website address on it.   I like the making and the painting, but I’m not so good at the selling part of a business. Shar is better at this so she is the business manager partner, she also takes a better photo than I do, as seen here with a happy customer.


My sister Shar and I took some of the bounties of the front yard Persimmons tree to Four Seasons market in Richardson t.  We sold some and there are more to harvest.  Thank goodness because………..

Looking at the luscious fruit I wondered,  ‘I bet this will make a beneficial facial mask because the fruit is smooth, almost slimy in a good way.’. We decided to try it out and we both slathered our faces with the cool smooth sweet fruit.

We left it on for about 20 minutes and washed it off leaving us soft smooth skin.

Really nice! Feels wonderful!

I  recommend it, I even put some in my hair and washed it out 20 minutes later leaving my hair soft and smooth. Surely a hot marketing idea.


We googled the fruit and found it is good for lots of things besides beauty treatments.



-1tgaI’m getting things together for our Saturday markets and will soon be organized to know what we are doing most of the time.

I have some pics to share, these are from last weeks market.   These people were kind enough to let me take their photos with our items,  I think the Mom was telling her son not to touch,  kids loved the rocks so Shar is making some small ones for their pockets, feel free to touch them, can’t break and they are smooth and feel good in your hand.



Lucky rocks.   Rocks made with Japanese, Thai or Indian papers carefully applied to rocks of all sizes and shapes.  So beautifully applied that you would think Mother Nature made them, but no, Shar has been making them for more than 20 years and uses them in her work as a therapist.  I need to get Shar to write about her experiences with her rocks and how she has used them in her classes. On my to-do list!

The papers in the circle are Thai papers and each style paper is named by an earth event.  The floral papers are Japanese yuzen papers and there are dozens of styles, if not hundreds.

Shar rocks 9

I’m having fun for now and excited to have a place to show my art even though one might think a farmers market is not the place for ‘fine art’  maybe I don’t consider mine as ‘fine art, but fun original signed  art at a price every family can afford to hang in their home.

Put a frame on these and they look fantastic.

I sold one painting while I was taking these photos by my car!  This large colorful painting on wood is resined and so shiny you can see my shadow taking the photo. A cute kid walking by stopped to look and thinks his Mom will like it because it is so colorful,  I hope she likes it.IMG_4465

I’ve been painting trees this week,  trees without leaves usually.  I like to see the structure of the tree, and I don’t paint the leaves so well yet.     The painting of the tree & flowers is crackled. I like to add a hammock or swing on my tree paintings.



IMG_4473 (1)