Hello UpDates

I’m writing a new ‘Hello’ post today because I have neglected my blog for awhile and life is moving along even faster than ever these days.

I’ve written here and there about my plan to live in a rv and it has almost finally happened.

I have a 1991  22 ft Tioga Montera RV that I have rejuvenated for the last 4-5 months and finally we are ready to hit the road destinations unknown.

It has taken this long for me to feel comfortable with my old RV and she needs a name to go along with all her new dudes.  I’m still working on the interior but it has been so hot I can’t get her looking spiffy without getting heat stroke unless I’m hooked up to electricity and for that I need to go to a campground.  Still learning about. propane  where to get it and all about the gray and the black tanks, not a problem once learned and everything works as it should.  We are almost there.

In trying to expect any problems on the road I’ve been busy getting the insurance and roadside assist and I have 6 different apps on my phone to help me find my way.  I thought to go ahead and get any dental work done before I left and that turned out to be an upper denture. OMG that hurts like hell and it’s taking me longer than I expected to heal and tolerate the thing in my mouth.  It may not have been my best choice but now there is no going back.  Finally seeing a light at the end of the trial because it doesn’t hurt as much today as it did yesterday.

I have added a backup camera, a solar panel (I’d like a couple more) a video cam, an extra AC, all sorts of water hoses and other hoses and tools and am hopeful that I am well ready for everything but a blowout.  Tires are ok for now.

Thoughts for a name?

If I was Braver​ I would…..

IMG_5575I would buy a  small RV to live in, a small one I could drive around the country painting and visiting family and friends.  The only problem is I should have done this before I  got so old,  I could still do this now, I’m in decent health & shape, could I learn to live in a vehicle?   Something to think about.

And thinking about it I am.

I am an almost 75-year-old woman without a home and unable to buy a home (co-sign a student loan?) or afford a  decent rental (poor planning on my part) so this could be a good option.

My kids may not see it that way but I already tried living with them and it’s better for us all if I can remain independent.  Maybe it won’t mean that I’ll do a lot of traveling but rather parking close to them for months at a time. Not exactly trailer park living but having my ‘travel tailgate art studio’ be my home solves many concerns, both mine and theirs!.  I like the idea and will save up to buy the class C trailer with cash, it has the driver on the inside, all one piece for safety reasons.  The $dollars$ I spend on gas will be my rent, and  I can choose how much to spend related to how often I move.  I could even lend it to the kids if I need a break in a real house or they need a vacation.

I have ideas about how to augment my income painting small artwork that fit on small walls, vertical space has high value in a trailer or RV.  My income will be adequate for this lifestyle. I’ve been following several blogs about this living option and have not found anyone regretting taking this option, their only regret is that they wish they had started years earlier.

Plenty of single women chose this lifestyle and from the blogs I’ve read, seem to be very happy. They choose it not because they are poor,  homeless, or with few resources but because they view life from a different place. There is a lot of support among these nomads for each other living this life.

There is much to learn.   Learning the equipment needed, a generator, how to’s of heat and cooling, refrigeration, communication, sun energy, black, & grey water disposal (ick) and where to park.

Writing about this here makes it feel more likely to happen, it’s like I’ve made a commitment to myself,  cropped-cropped-img_3271.jpgsharing my plans and hopes and even fears here.

I am definitely an introvert and this style of living is very appealing to me.  Yes, this is what I want to do, and soon, before It gets too late to start.

I am brave enough to do this.