Confused by WordPress updates

This is what happens when I try to use my ipad to work, the ipad and the computer don’t seem to catch up with each other or it lets me add a photo but no way for me to add a post.

So this pic got here all by itself and I like the pic so I’ll add a note here, it was published just like that. WordPress updates often and I’m sure most bloggers are pleased with changes and how things are done. I can’t keep up I am getting behind trying to understand how all this works it’s like double hard for me lately so I’ll just go about to do my best while knowing I could do better if I really tried, or really cared or felt the need to learn something new, again.

But I am doing something new. I’ve removed all my tiles in the bathroom of my RV, Remember that I covered the whole wall with tiles covered with photos of paintings. I have them everywhere, in the kitchen, hah yes my space to cook in is hardly worthy of being called a kitchen but I have them around and over the bathroom door and at the entry.

I’ve taken them all down the tiles and scrubbed the photos off and I’m going to use alcohol inks on the tiles. The colors of the inks are vibrant and gorgeous, I’m excited. I’ve been playing with the different brands of inks and haven’t settled on one, watching utube videos for advice and ideas.

I’ll take some photos to show you, this is really fun, I sat in the studio today playing in ink for hours despite the heat with the AC running on fan next to me because if I close the door it’s too dark inside and the fan is pretty effective until it isn’t, then we go inside to blast the AC until its time to take Charley for his afternoon date in the dog park where he takes care of business, by the way, Charley has a friend he doesn’t quite know how to play with but at least they don’t mind being together and I can sit and talk with my fine neighbor while they sniff around discovering new smells, I guess that’s what they do anyway.

Well this has already been published so I guess I’ll add new tile photos tomorrow, I don’t have adhesive to put them up right now, need to remember what worked best because some of the tiles fell off the wall and I’m not sure what I used, one thing I do remember is to start from the bottom and work up carefully!

Sitting at dusk with my guitar, a glass of wine and Charley

Sitting outside at dusk with my guitar, a glass of wine and Charley. I’m thinking how lucky I am in this time of despair for many people, that all I have to complain about it the fact that I (again) missed an important Birthday of my grandson, Elias.,( sorry babe) and I totally forgot to pay my rent. Good thing everything else is paid automatically on line and my landlord is a gracious woman who simply says ” you were due the 20th and it is the 25th Kate! Damn, time flies! Yeah I’m called Kate here, I like it!

Memory problems, I’m doing my best but things have been getting confusing, I can’t seem to learn new things, especially new word press stuff, I should be able to make this blog much more interesting but it changes how to put it together, it’s just annoying, that and spelling, can’t spell worth a damn……..and I won’t even mention my trouble with math!

otherwise life is good.

I have a new app for birthdays and a calendar.(suggested by my sweet landlord , landlady?CJ.)

CJ is a woman I respect and admire She is 81 and manages all this herself, she’s pretty tough and doesn’t miss a thing. The other day she came over to my place because she saw me skooting around on my butt and thought I must have fallen. But I didn’t fall it was just easier to stay down and scoot around than having to get up and down while I tended to my plants. We laughed, she has had a few falls,

I find that New Mexico has some strong women in charge where ever I go.

I was “playing” my little, made in China, guitar, I love to tune it by my phone and just make sounds that please me, crazy lady guitar player, when a friend stopped by. I played her a short serenade sin pena and later found out she plays the guitar, maybe she’ll play for me, my fingers must be dyslexic, I can not place my fingers there they need to be to actually play anything but I don’t mind, I enjoy making my sounds before I sleep, it seems to relax me, I like it with a glass of wine, seems to go together well.

The park was full of RV’s a week ago but now it’s just us, the 8 or 9 long term park dwellers, but we will be full again when the snowbirds arrive. A few more couples have decided to make this park home full time, like me. There is a sense of community here, good people. they all live in these big beautiful RV’s with all the comforts of home (because it is home) Mine is the most humble, my GG and we are just fine., though I am jealous of their in suite washer and dryer

My friend Barbara has been living and traveling solo for 5 years in a vintage blue 24 ft beautiful RV. it has the original everything, they made RV’s much better back then with cabinets and shelves of real wood. She’s been in the same rig for the 5 years and has made upgrades but the RV was well put together and she loves it.

Interesting People with stories to tell, often well traveled and educated. I may share some of those stories here, poco a poco.

Take care,

Stay Safe.

Wear a Mask

Stay safe

I sat outside in the wind and rain to see if the umbrella would blow over.

Today I got the table for the umbrella and it seems like with the table reinforcing it I should be able to leave it up except when really really windy. It isn’t a big deal for me to take it apart, to lie it on the ground, not easy but I can do it.

I have to put the futon in the studio when it rains too.

I sat outside painting until I dumped the blue paint on myself, I need to rearrange my stuff so I don’t keep doing that.

I’m liking using acrylic inks but something about the bottles they come in, I don’t know but I’ve spilled several colors blue, red and black, bummer.the colors are pure pigment just beautiful. I want to get all the colors and just use them for all my paintings on canvas paper tablet and stop buying other paints, too expensive and they dry up so fast in this NM dry air.

The inks dry quickly too but is manageable because they are ink and won’t dry up in the bottle, paint in a tube does dry up. Ive wondered if I should keep the tubes in the fridge. I need to use them up, need to paint something large.

Stay safe, we are not out of the woods yet.

My RV garden

My garden grows

The rain is so welcome!

I’m lucky that the building behind me shades my garden from the afternoon sun. We’ve had rain for the past 3days. Next time I make my garden I’m going to plant what I want to eat. This garden I planted from seeds I ordered for a selection of vegetables and they sent me lots of different beans. I’ll do smarter next year. I have a huge potatoes plant from a sprouting potato, and should harvest lots of cucumbers, my tomato plant looks good, I almost every thing in the garden started with seeds except the tomato.

Home sweet home

My space keeps filling up! I love it!

I’m fortunate that my GG is not large and my car is also small so I’m able to have my studio plus a nice garden and lots of plants in my space. I like to hang some of my art outside, but I’m thinking about getting a large piece of lumber to make outdoor art as sort of a privacy fence maybe. I’d resin it to make it weather well, might be a fun project.

All Lives Matter Skin tones all Beautiful.

It’s been pretty hot this week so my AC is on more than usual but I went out at about 8pm to walk with Charley. The sky, the light and the air seemed to have a special tint of rose. the mountains were beautiful and the lake is high and blue against the contrast of the mountains. I didn’t have my phone with me and it changes so fast I wouldn’t be able to capture the feeling and the beauty of the night.

It made me feel just slightly better after a day spent painting something trying to put in a painting feelings about what is going on in the USA. My painting has only skin tones paint, I’m hoping to see if I find the curator at the gallery (which is closed) to put it in the window tomorrow, the day of the funeral for Mr. George Floyd. There are very few African Americans in the area of New Mexico where I live, what is the word I’m looking for, the area is homogenous in that everyone looks about the same, I haven’t noticed a single Indian or Asian in the time I’ve lived here, and only a few of any color but white and some brown. Maybe i just don’t get out much, that could be true but I think we lose a flavor of life when our interaction is limited to people that look and often times think the same as we do.

There’s trouble in our land.

All lives matter

Home Sweet Home & Charley

I painted on my door and am looking at painting a few more areas on this side of the RV. See how fat Charley has gotten!

growing my victory garden, isn’t that what they were called during and after the war? Wish I’d been a little more careful as to where I put what seed but it looks good and soon I’ll find out.

acrylic ink on panel

I had not painted with the inks yet, didn’t really know how to use them so I’m trying it on different surfaces, I think most often they are used on tiles or on a shiny slippery surface so they run together making fantastic colors. I have been painting on a brown 8 x10 panel and I love how colors mix, how vibrant they are and how they are flat on the surface like they belong there. I’m going to try covering with resin because I don’t know how stable the colors are or if they’ll fade. Nice size painting for the walls of an rv. I’ve painted on both sides of the panel which was dumb because I’ll only resin one side, or maybe not, I like both sides. I ordered more panels, inks and resin and look forward to playing with them.

I bought a Primo water system a small fridge and a small room AC for my studio and was given this great leather chair so my place is full. Because of the loft the ceiling is very high so the AC doesn’t really cool the room much so I’ve covered the lowest part of ceiling with a large plastic drop cloth trying to keep the cool air down here, looks silly but it seems to help.

Stay Safe

My garden is coming along…….

but it needs to hurry up before the sun takes over the land and squashes my little seedlings. I will put up netting to protect them from the hungry birds. I have the netting but need to find out how to attach it so the wind doesn’t destroy or blow it away. The wind is something else, it can blow my heavy door to the studio closed despite have a heavy planter to hold it open. Charley knows to get out of the way when it’s windy, I think it’s down right dangerous because the door is very heavy. I’ve added two heavy bricks to a Home Depot bucket to keep the door open and so far that is working.

Want to see my garden? My neighbor is letting me use their water source as it’s closer to the garden then mine and we don’t pay for water here so it works out great for me and they will partake of the bounty when all these seedlings grow up. I’m not sure where whatever I planted is located so it will be a surprise because the wind stole my list before I got them labeled. I have a garden plan but it won’t be accurate so we’ll just have to wait and see what grows. I’ve only planted a few seeds of each because I’m not sure I have enough space for all the seeds I have, There’s a couple items there that I would not have planted kale and collards but I had the seeds so in the garden they went.

peas, beans, kale, collards, cabbage,carrots, turnips, spinach, peppers, beets,squash,cucumbers,corn lettuce, tomatoes, and lots of marigolds here and there because the bugs don’t like it I’ve read, hope its true. And flowers, lots of flowers in pots nasturtiums…I had them last year and they were beautiful, you know you can eat the flowers of this plant. I don’t have any roses, maybe later.

I finished making masks for now but I know we’ll need them for a long time so I’ll probably make more later. I went to Walmart with a bag full of masks. I was surprised to see more people than not had a mask on, last time I went there were few wearing a mask. When I saw some one without I mask I offered them one but finally just gave the bag to a checkouter so she could give one to whoever wasn’t wearing one. I figure the man on the street needed them now more than anyone but those not wearing one was usually a guy ( super guy?). My masks were mostly pretty and guys might not wear them. yeah, super guys think they are safe but the virus likes men more than women so you would think…………….

Yesterday was amazing here in Caballo, sunny but with a cool breeze so I spent the day outside, it was stuffy in the RV but still pretty comfortable. I spend hours repainting a painting I wasn’t happy with.

Guess what! I drove by the Grape gallery in T or C and two of my paintings are in the window. Of course no one will be buying art for a while, probably a long while but it was nice to see my work there.

Laundry in the time of quarantine

I hung (hanged?.) these at 8 pm and hopefully will take them in in the morning before anyone notices!

I don’t mind doing laundry by hand and my clothes are much cleaner and brighter than when I take them to a laundromat I may save myself about 25-30$ a month. Except for sheets and towels this is great as long as CJ doesn’t mind my hanging clothes in the tree, only at night or a short time during the day, may as well take advantage of the wind power.

Actually I’m using a soap I’d not used before but I ordered from Norwex. I got a sample of their Power plus laundry soap when I had the Norwax party and like it so much I ordered a box,my clothes look much whiter and the water was dirty after washing which said to me that the laundromat did a terrible job. Anyway I think that’s all I need, not that this soap is inexpensive it’s not, I’m still waiting for my delivery of my order and am using my generous sample.

The whole idea of the need to wash clothes after we wear them once is ridiculous and no one really cares what you wear if you are clean and not smelly, at least this is so where I live, the goal is to manage our lives with simplicity. tv and other ads convince us we need additives to our laundry soap and the goal of fresh smelling clothes that we must bUy their products . That’s why I don’t have a TV. The ads drove me mad.

Today was Sunday, I gave a second acupuncture treatment to CJ,for shoulder pain. I think we caught it in time to prevent a “ frozen shoulder “ problem that can last for months. She still complaints but I see it much improved from yesterday

Other than that I worked on sewing face masks, I like making them pretty and fun to wear. I was a nurse for many years and feel for those making sacrifices today. They never signed up for hazardous duty