I’m Feeling a little Lonely Tonight

It happens to everyone

especially women like me.

There ‘s no fix for it.

It just goes and comes

I’m not depressed or unhappy or dissatisfied

Just a little alone

It’s my own fault, if indeed there is  fault

I look for it and want to be alone

and when I succeed in being alone

I find fault with being alone.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1987Then after a few days I scold myself into action

This was my third day

Tomorrow demands action.

Sometimes I get so excited I just have to go for it!

It has been suggested to me that I should only publish one post per day so people are not overwhelmed by my writings. Huh, sometimes I’m laughing at my self and want someone to laugh with me so I push the publish button not paying any attention to advice. Tonight has been like that, it may be because I’m enjoying a glass …….

(in the only wine glass left of two, I broke one yesterday I may have to get a few more because I just don’t think it’s proper to drink wine from a plastic cup, it’s the way I am.)

of Franzia refreshing white wine from the box. I like it, it goes down so smooth and makes me write very fast and with less typos. And it makes me feel a little silly which you can judge for yourself right here. Yeah, the harem pants, couldn’t wait to publish that one.

Maybe I’ll save this for tomorrow. Or not, maybe I’ll have another glass of refreshing white tomorrow and find more sillyness to write about then. yeah

Will I need to match my Hair color to my Harem Pants?

Not everyone can carry off wearing harem pants everyday to wear everywhere without some other defining measure that makes wearing harem pants everyday and everywhere appropriate to that wearer () so I’m wondering should I do something to my appearance to match the spirit of my pants ? Maybe I could wear more earrings. Maybe pierce a few more spaces, or get a tatoo (ya ves I don’t even know how to spell tatoo . ) Hair color, or hair cut would be the defining edge for me I’m thinking.. My hair color is a bit boring now as I transition into gray which I welcome ……………..

why did my brothers get beautiful white hair and I’m still working on my gray and I’m older than any of them except my older brother who denies he is aging.,

Even gray being much prettier than the natural dull brown I inherited.. Maybe purple tips or even pink. I’ll see what I think when I get my harem pants, I ordered three pants, first I wrote I bought 3 pairs of pants, why do we say that, just because it has two legs?) they’re cheap , (the ones I bought though I saw some way more expensive, maybe for a party. or gala) so if they aren’t long lasting it’s not so painful to the keeper of the budget .(mentida no one keeps my budget, my budget is unkept)


A DEbate with mySelf-Am I too Old to wear Jeans?

I know my daughter would say wear whatever you are comfortable in Mom. Would I be comfortable, Hmmm jeans are not really that comfortable unless you get a really good fit, it is not too easy to find a pair of good fitting comfortable jeans with my special needs spaces, I hate to shop, and I probably won’t find them at Walmart, my only local shopping venue.

Oh well……..What I really want……….

What I really want to wear are harem pants, they look comfortable, but what to wear on the top? I saw some on Amazon when looking for Indian fabrics for GIGI and they look very cool and comfy. Just a minute, I’ll try to find them to show you ………………. Aren’t these fun? I want them, much better than blue jeans on my tendernesses. It looks like they bare the middle, that would not be a good look for me, but there are more options that may work. I think I’m going to toss all my old and begin my new life as an eccentric old lady with my own fashion sense, or lack of….. sense.

excuse me while I go shop.

Large I suppose

What do you think,

too youthful?

I’ll let you know how I like them but probably won’t send photos!

It’s Sunday and I haven’t written all week!

Today I’ve been working on my tiny bathroom all day, I’ve painted it twice, once red and hated it, so I painted it white but still I don’t like it, what to do? I think I’ll add more tiles. I’ve already tiled one bath room wall to hide a wretched wall, this wall looks like cardboard, I’m wondering if it will even hold the tiles. In the tiny, barely adequate shower, the corners are loose and need something to hold it together. A bead of that whatshamecallit stuff might be better than the tape and adhesive I tried to use.

Why is this tiny space giving me so much trouble?

Have I said this is a old RV? 1991 Sorry GiGi, I love you anyway!


I added the new “luxury tiles stick and peel ” that have been on the floor without being stuck for months, they are the same style (boring) that were on the floor before (why did I buy these ?) but I had trouble with the corners and irregular areas, they don’t look any better than what was there before. It took one and one half tiles to cover the whole floor! Did I say tiny?

I’ll take photos in the morning, it’s too dark now because I haven’t been able to put new light bulbs in place in the bathroom, both bulbs went out at the same time, now I’m in the dark. Does that sound right? Both just went out? Could it be a fuse? I hope not, the power center is on the floor under the oven and I have to get down on my belly to see and I don’t really know what I’m looking for when I look there. Though I did change a fuse successfully there once. The other coach lights work

I am tired.


I painted the shower and scrubbed the shower mat (of pink paint that I accidently sprayed there before, it was bad idea,) I need another can of white paint, seems I never have enough of what I need and too much of what I decide I don’t want. The touch up green paint that I bought is too white will not work for the needed touch ups, maybe I can use it for around the fridge cabinets where I have added tiles. Tiles have saved the day for me before.

I invited a friend to a glass of wine and she said she didn’t Need it?

I don’t Need it either!

I like a glass of wine in the evening. I bought this ‘box of wine’ to keep in my fridge, it doesn’t fit upright in my fridge, so that I can’t open the spigit to pour it right from the fridge, I have to remove it from the fridge and put it on the counter to serve it.

I probably looked like a wino with this sitting on my counter.

Oh well.

Tomorrow I’ll undo the damage I did today. Like I did today for what I did yesterday. It’s endless! Despite it all, I love my tiny space.


Or maybe I’ll sew.



Having a Down Day

It happens.

I should be having so much fun testing out and learning my new car but here I am flat in bed due to that old monster that I have avoided for so long.

The pain gets me down and then I feel depressed and a little angry. My car sits out there lonely and neglected covered in dust from the recent wind storms we’ve had and I have no energy to give ita good wash, I keep saying I’ll be better tomorrow then tomorrow comes and I’m still hurting. Everything feels neglected, including myself. Despite all this I’m still happy about my choices, I just need to get over this flare. Maybe I need to allot time to being sick so it doesn’t depress me, just take it as it is, something to live with and get over, because it does get over in a few days up to a week and then I’m good again. I’d been thinking that because I’ve been so good that I must be in remission and could decrease my meds. I still want o try but when this episode is over and I’m back to normal. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow so I can get up and out of my stupor. My IC gallery

They say…….. that your Favorite Music will be what you listened to while falling in Love, I Believe that’s True

I’m so pleased with my “free” Bose speakers (that I mentioned in another post) once I learned to monitor the volume and can connect my phone to the speakers.

Some simple things are difficult and an embarrassment to ask for help when so simple, but sometimes I need help from a friend.

I listen to music in Spanish, my husband always had the best music and I lifted a few of his CD’s when I left, I listen to Jose Luis Perales, Roberto Carlos, Nicola Bardi, and others

I don’t now what he is listening to now.

I could ask him, he probably has new stuff, I could get updates.

I like country music too. My grandson says its not something he will listen to, I think he has been influenced by his Mother who doesn’t know about western music, or those ‘songs about me’.

I like classical music too though I am an ignorant listener. I had a friend who tried to teach me, but he died.

I miss him.

I’m Kathy Othon and I’m a TelePhone Phobic

I make no excuses, I have trouble using the phone. I have trouble picking it up and dialing. This has been going on for quite awhile. I’ve tried many phones looking for an answers. I would probably have more friends if it were not from this condition. I blame the phones, I have problems with them all. My daughter suggests that the problems I encounter with the phones may not be the fault of the phones, and that I should reconsider the matter. My other daughter never calls, she must have caught it from me, so sorry it’s a beast.

Worse now with all the robo calls, if the voice in the phone says ‘unknown caller’ I refuse to answer, I know you do too. We should not surrender! I found out today that I missed 3 calls that I would have been happy to take. You see, I don’t have a problem talking on the phone once the call is made/received it’s the action of picking up and dialing…..well we don’t dial do we, we punch in numbers or codes, could that be it? I resent the system of making calls? I’m such a rebel!

What’s worse in this matter, those calls were not from today, they just turned up in my voice mail, they were not there yesterday, I had 7 voice mails pending today. What!! No one calls me (I wonder why) 3 were robo calls one for diabetic equipment (I’m not diabetic as far as I know) another was from Walgreens to tell me my rx was ready for pick up (in Plano TX) and three were from friends I had not see in years and I was delighted to hear their voices.

My friend Nicky suggested I’d gone into hiding and disconnected myself from the world a few years ago. Not true. Just my phone problem.

But now I need to return their calls.

Just do it! I tell myself, but a little voice says, what time zones do you have to cross to call one on the east coast another on the west coast You’re really tired maybe call tomorrow better?

Takes a lot of energy to pick up the damn phone

oh oh I just now looked again at a message on my phone that says this, “calls and notifications will be silenced while your phone is locked.” I saw it earlier today but it made no sense to me so I dismissed it from my thoughts until now as I write this.

My phone is locked?? It works, so what is this now?

I’m tired and medicated I’ll deal with this in the morning.

Really I will.



Nothing in the Past is more Important than Today

It’s my 76th birthday today]

I just keep getting older, thank you.

I’ve had and am having a good life . There have been disappointments here and there but nothing I can remember at the moment, memory is a funny thing, now I have only good memories while life hasn’t been always easy. But to come to now with only good thoughts is the test of a successful life, nothing in the past is more important than today. 

Happy Birthday to me.