Increase your Credit card amounts before you Retire because You may not qualify After!

How does a professional person with a good income and few needs end up poor?

Poor planning and too generous “helping” others.

I thought maxing out my credit cards at this stage of life could be a good way to finish up, unworried about the future because the future doesn’t matter anymore. except when the future doesn’t come soon enough, and you’ve maxed out your credit. I haven’t been even close to maxing my credit ….yet.

But today when I decided on the outdoor storage unit and thought to finance it because I don’t have $3000 to spare… It was suggested I should get financing and so I applied for a personal loan from my credit union and I was refused, too much debt related to income. Yeah! I have been using my credit and my income stays the same.

Neither would my credit card give me a personal loan. So this is the face of a poor woman who didn’t know she was poor until she wanted /needed to buy something.Until recently I considered myself in decent $$ condition,, setting up a new life style has not been cheap, but I’m reasonable and only want to keep myself comfortable. But maybe too comfortable , stretching too little too far.

But I ordered my building today, in spite of all that, I put it on my credit card that somehow gave me $50,000 to spend but won’t approve a $3,000 loan. Im sure they would not have approved 50,000 credit card today. I guess my advise would be to make sure you have adequate credit before retiring because you may not qualify later.

I could have found a cheaper unit but the quality would not have been as good nor would it have 850 sq ft to work in. Resale value would be better, besides maybe I can live in it! Really, why not? I think it has more space than my RV does. Add electric, which eventually I would, maybe even water…

Probably not water.

I’ll need to get started painting or producing something of value to increase my flat bottom line.

I dislike worrying about money, so I don’t do it. That may be the reason I’m in this predicament. I’ve given more than I’ve received and sometimes am surprised how that turns out, I could use a few of those ‘gifts’ now!

So I thought I needed to write this on my blog because it’s all about me here, and I want honesty and humility and empathy for others in similar circumstances to be comfortable visiting here and leaving comments.

Well breaking news. This is not available so I’ll keep looking for something similar elsewhere, damn
Breaking Breaking news, I’ll get one much like this from tuff Sheds at Home Depot

The Temperature is Rising………

Almost time to turn on the AC, though I still needed my electric blanket two nights ago, it was chilly.

It’s a beautiful Day in Caballo.

I couldn’t sleep all night, really, not a wink, got out of my bed reluctantly this morning blurry eyed and tired but I had to get hold of Frank, it’s a beautiful day, no rain nor wind, to do my bendito roof. He says he can’t do it until Thursday, weather says Thursday will be windy. Well see what happens tomorrow, will he come, he said he’d try.

Or will I be really PO’d?

I couldn’t sleep because I spent hours online looking at storage sheds at home depot. I have decided to get one and now I’m anxious to get it done, my massage chair looks pretty comfy. and I want it inside my little studio where I can play at being an artist and perform illegal Acupuncture ( for free of course).

I’m trying to help Becca start up a website, not that I have much more experience than she. I’ve been ‘trying’ to make websites for awhile now on many different sites with very little success but not really trying too much, maybe that’s the reason of little success, but what is success related to websites? I guess it would be how many people read you…..OTHER THAN family and friends. I love it when I see that someone has found me other than from FB, right here for example. Oh oh, Becca gave up, we’ll try again after a good cry.

I’m making a thank-you dinner for the guys (and wives) that helped me while I was gone and kept my flowers alive. I’m thinking spagetti and I’m making a meat sauce in my insta pot.. I really hope I don’t mess it up, I’m making it now. I have both hamburger and pork but could have used more tomatoes, I’m hoping the slow cooking will meld the favors. What a mess it is to cook in my tiny kitchenette. I should have taken pics, you would have laughed, but I’m getting it done. I have too much food here, I plan to cook I have what I need and then have a B&J sandwich with a glass of wine!……..what’s wrong with how I spelled spagetti?

No bugs,a cool Breeze and I think I am drunk!

I am so happy to be where I am right now in at this instant.

And I’m sure I will feel the same sober.

mentida,  I’m fine just a bit of drinkypoo with my friend Marie

I like where I am so much that I have no plans to leave here, which was not my plan. My plan was to travel all about the country side visiting  parks and public lands.   I could keep traveling finding new places to stay but why? I sometimes feel like I have not acomplished what I set out to do, travel, boondogging here and there, but why should I   if this works for me? And it works for me now.

By the way, My landlady, CJ has a guest house for $25/night so come visit me!

I’m going to buy a storage unit big enough to have windows where I can paint and do my artisty stuff and maybe even see a client or two.  My massage chair arrived today,       (great idea Nancy) My landlady seems to think I’ll be able to see clients here, even if I don’t it will be good to have a small studio right here as my RV is a bit tiny for business or art making.

Today I bought plants and planters, so excited to start seeds for a small garden of flowers,  cucumbers, and lavender,  plants are expensive so I have just a few for now, my space will be so beautiful when the seeds explode.  Wow, everything I want right here in my small space. Could anyone feel richer than me…I?  It’s  good to have few needs,  a simple life, few obligations, friends  and peace of mind every day………..

But my smart car is making worrisome noises.  Now it’s something in the left front area sounds noisy, maybe this wasn’t the best choice for a towed car. To do anything to it I would need to take it to El Paso, the only authorized repair shop close-ish by. I’ll see about it mañana.  It drives okay except for the noise, thoughts?

It would have been a perfect day to do my roof today, sunny but not too hot, no nasty wind and more important, no rain.  Where is Frank?  Where is my roof guy? We really should get this done  before the monsoons arrive.  Does  NM gets monsoones rains? I don’t know but my landlady suggests we get it done before they arrive..  Frank is a good guy I’m told,  also I think  he may be the guy to ask about  pot availability in this area.  Could this be why he hasn’t been around, busy being blissed?

Have  I told you about my experience with pot?  I think it is something an old girl should try at least once.  I’ve tried it a few times with no sensation of anything happening until I smoked with  my friend Robert.  Those walks we took to the lake had the added interest of smoking his pot.  He used a little pipe and it was easy to grab a bit of smoke and hold it witna55JU6eT66Z9EGlUtVizA_thumb_2ad6hout coughing much but I felt nothing at all, while he wasthere being blissed.  He said try it again several times and I did until WoW I felt it and it was Not Pleasant.  I felt unsteady unable to put one leg in front of another and needed to be guided home.  It didn’t last long, I’d like to give it another try, maybe not outside or somewhere I don’t have to go far to get home, or at home. It was interesting, a feeling of not being in charge of myself or my limbs. What was going on in my brain? Why is this something deemed agreeable and why do I want to keep trying to reach the state of bliss advertised ?

Because I can.


Too Bad I’m not Licensed

Recently I’ve gotten interested in doing more acupuncture. it is too bad I am not licensed to practice!

I did study for 3 years but went back to nursing when I failed an exam I should have aced. test fear of failure I think, Oh well, the skills are still here and people like to be practiced on for free so it’s all good.

One guy said ‘so you think people are going to ask to see your license when you don’t charge them?

Probably not, especially if they have good results. Which they generally do!

I think the combination of needles and trigger point massage helped my sister but there may be more to her problem that I don’t know, I would never suggest to omit other standard therapies.

Anyway this has encouraged me to look into my books and online and I found an app that I wish I’d had when going to school and today I watched a online video using electric acupuncture on one single point L4, with whole body effect especially for pain that I want to try on a new camper one of these days.

We can never stop learning, when we do something dies.

or we get boring.

I Thought it was Sunday!

I left at 7 am and wondered why there was so much traffic, everyone going to church? I heard on the radio it was Monday and thought he was wrong and telling people the wrong day. I still thought it was Sunday until I heard it again and finally realized it was Monday.


Sometimes it takes me a long time to accept a truth I think is wrong and after wonder how I could have been so wrong for so long.

To be as independent as I am, able to manage most areas of my life decently and have to accept limitations of my thought processes sucks, not an elegant term but I find it fits here.

I had thought to leave Plano on Sunday and changed my mind.

I wish I had left on Sunday.

Smarty Pants Smart Car

I’ve decided that Babe must be a male no way would a female babe would do to me what he did.  Made me doubt my abilities to manage my car.  I double checked to make sure the car would not move from park to drive before the tow truck arrived and towed it away to the mercedes sales and repair in Dallas.

I got the message yesterday that the car was ready to be picked up, and what was wrong with it?   Nothing was wrong, it was running fine and the trans mission is fine, they checked it on the computer and everything worked just fine.

They did have another smart car that did the same, unable to move from park to drive but it seems to not have happened again with the other car so I’m hopeful that it won’t happen again so mine either.

This episode cost me $0, not even the tow, no service charge  and the service was excellent.  Thank you Mercedes!o4RvCWTuSpae99AmXToXcQ_thumb_1edb

I don’t understand my car and should study it’s different behaviores and learn it’s functions and where things can be found,  The battery is under the passengers seat and I’m not sure where the engine is!  I’ll need to spend some time and   attention to what everything does, even the radio is a question I need to find answers.  I drove 700+ miles without the radio or music because I hadn’t taken time to see how to set up my phone with music while using the gps

My arm hurts but I am protected from 11 different  strains of pneumonia, are you?

I know I have mis spellings here…..sorry

Thinking about my RV Roof…..

And I’m wondering  have I  been foolish to trust a man with my money and roof repair.   I’ve discovered that the man didn’t show up to do the work,   actually I still trust that he will get it done, maybe not on my timeline but on his.  He works for the owner of the park part time so I ‘m sure he’ll  come back,  I don’t think  he would lose his job for only $100,  He knows I’m gone and probably assumes he can do the work whenever before I return.  Though we did agree he would do it a certain day.  I asked another friend  to do some exterior work, that I wanted a make over, he just smiled and pointed out some areas of difficulty.   Seems like I’ve run into some people who only see difficulty where I see possibility.

The devilbladderbitch found me this morning and so I stayed home with my son instead of seeing my sister.  She looks good but shaky and weak from her experience in the hospital.  Tomorrow I’ll check in with her and maybe do some shopping.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2aba


I wrote the above a few days ago and since then my sisters problems have  became a huge headache, literally she tried all the usual things to relieve a headache without  effect, it was looking like another trip to the ER looking for a answer to this ongoing headache that didn’t let her sleep   rated on the pain scale a 9! But before deciding to go to the ER I wanted to try to see if needling her would help. With the combination of acupuncture (so glad I brought my needles) and deep myofascial release massage of her shoulders and scalp we brought the pain down to a 2-3. Tomorrow I’ll repeat the treatment and I think she will be fine.. So happy to use my skills!

So here I am, in Plano TX and my ‘Smart’ car won’t unpark, won’t drive………..

wt27ns0YSGGAHIo89IuxCA_thumb_1efaI guess I should be happy that it happened while parked in a mall parking lot and not on the road coming here. I’d finished shopping and was on to my sisters house but it would not shift out of PARK.  Somehow I got her into drive and made it to Sher’s house but after that there was no way to get her moving again.

How embarrassing for her to be lifted up and towed to the mercedes dealership for assessment of the problem, I’m thinking transmission, I’d wondered if it was working properly seemed to work too hard to get to another gear.

And how scared I am with my bicycle size budget and the mercedes size bill I expect.  When I bought this Smart Car I was concerned about repair costs so I added every kind of protection I could, so far I think I’m only responsible for $300 deductable.

I’ve only had the car since February!  Any suggestions?  Should I let car max know about it? Shouldn’t they have made sure the transmission was in good condition when they sold it?  Did I do something to damage it?  It was super  on the highways but the roads here in Plano are terrible on  this little car, I feel every bump in the road.

Meanwhile here I am sitting in my son’s apartment trying to deal with car problem and my sister’s not feeling  good today.  Tomorrow I’ll get a rental becasue I think she will need to see her Doctor. Or maybe a different Dr. She has had to teach this young MD about all the problems she has had and he is lucky she is has not considered  sueing because she has cause over and over again. Can you imagine that this office continues to ignor her calls? I would think that they would bend over backwards to please her.

I end this note with a feeling of frustration for me and my sister.

A Change of Priority

Today I was to take my RV into town for the roof repair as I mentioned before.  Roof repair takes priority over everything when you live in an RV and the expert that does the work is in high demand.  But this morning I got some news that demanded an even higher priority so when my battery was dead this morning,( my fault) to take it into town it seemed like a signal to stay put and I stopped  thinking about my roof.  We are a big family, I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters. when news of  emergency surgery on a sister was announced we all wanted to go help her.  Happily the problem was (hopefully) resolved via a scope so her down time will be much less and less painful for her.

Plus I found a local man who can do the roof right here where I’m parked..while I’m gone.Everyone here has been so helpful I almost think I should go and let them work on my RV while I’m gone whether she needs me or not! No, I’m going anyway just to see she is ok

I have a fridge full of good intentions, sweet potatoes, leeks ( I thought they were…….something else.) green beans, and cabbage & carrots.  I put them all in my instapot and made soup and used the hand blender to make a smooth stew that tastes really good,  so good that I put the coliflower and carrots in to make another soup, not sure how those vegetables mingle but I will eat it and feel very good hoping that the bladderbitch approves.


late note….no she did not approve, i think it was the leeks! damnation!