I am quite Pleased with Myself

I don’t understand it but some people read what I write! I think that’s really nice that I still have words people sometimes read. Especially as many times I have trouble finding my words and have to go around the back for it to come out sounding anything like what I wanted to say. and you know about my spelling problem, sometimes I wait for the word to appear and sometimes the word arrives looking odd, sometimes I let it go and let you try to figure out what I mean. So thanks, it makes me want to write more when I think someone may read what I write and wonder about who I am………..because I’ve noticed that people other than family and friends read here. Thanks to the RV community and the interest in GG, I’ve gained a few fans…….fans no really I’m not getting fans, who said anything about fans? Readers, I’ve gained a few readers. I’m sure they just read the GG notes, probably not interested in an old lady’s thoughts. It’s better this way, don’t read my notes about Panama, no really that was years ago and how I survived the Peace Corp is not important………..well yeah, nuff said about those years.

Also my art, not much interesting there though I did make some lovely note cards at one time. But really don’t try to read any personal notes, sometimes I embarrass myself with telling truths.

I’m not sure but it seems I write more quickly and easily after a glass or two of wine as I sit outside enjoying the evening, what say you?

Smile, I am.

I’m so Glad this Happened while Old

That My Skin issue started while I’m old,

It waited til I’m 76 tho it may have snuck in before without me noticing

I would have been very unhappy, well not too unhappy after all it’s just white spots on my hands, so far. And some on my arms. So far that’s about it, maybe some on my legs too that I had not noticed. I wonder if I’m turning white, starting at my fingers. but wait, I am white! I guess that when this happens to one of darker skin tones than mine it would be more distressing. yeah, for sure. Nothing to do about it, my body just decided to stop making whats needed to keep my skin fresh and not white spotted. Now I don’t wear rings so much, why call attention to my one defect? one and only unless ………..nah.

I just like this tote,I need to order it at zazzle soon


The scourge of restless legs/WED

I know that my sisters will agree with me that there is nothing we know of that beats the distress of having your legs convulse when you are resting or trying to sleep. There’s an anxiety you feel when it starts and you hope it will be distracted by moving about, which you must do as there is no way you can stand or sit still. This affects your quality of life. Imagine sitting in a movie and you shift yourself about trying to not disturb when finally you give up and leave your seat missing the movie yourself and who ever you are with. Or you are on a rode trip and you haven’t taken your meds, medication that supposedly helps but in the long run may only make it worse. I write this while swinging my right leg in the air and trying to balance my computer on my stomach cuz I want to write this now. Usually when I get it I feel it in just one leg (at at time)We take a medication to prevent this daily, some times it doesn’t work and we are left moving and shaking our legs, we know when either of us have it by the way we move our legs back and forth and shaking and we say ‘did you take your pill? Sometimes we have and still get the shakes and wiggles. You can imagine how it is for me with such limited space to move around in at least my sister has a house to roam

It’s a crawl-ly feeling in you get in your legs, a restless sensation that doesn’t allow you to ignore .Opiates help but who wants to take that step, while being an appropriate drug even if you agreed who would prescribe it in this ‘war on drugs’. If I feel desperate I’ll use my IC pain med for it but what if I need it for IC, which is worse pain of IC or RLS? Why do I have to chose between and what if I run out and can’t get a refill? Pain management has gone through many changes of late now of which are good for those needing pain management.

www.rls.orgRestless legs syndrome (RLS), also called Willis-Ekbom Disease, causes unpleasant or uncomfortable sensations in the legs and an irresistible urge to move them. Symptoms commonly occur in the late afternoon or evening hours, and are often most severe at night when a person is resting, such as sitting or lying in bed.

It could be worse right?

My Daughter’s Family Vacaciones in Panamá


Minus me.  I hope they are enjoying the beauty of Panama, the beaches and the cool mountains.  And by the look of those now sun touched faces after a long cold Virginia winter, I believe they are. I hope they send me more photos so I can enjoy along with them.

Do I wish I was there too?

Absolutely, I hope to spend some time in Panama before I’m done, but this is not my time. I”m satisfied with my choices and only want to hear their stories when they return and see the photos  they take,   I lived in Panama for 30 years, was married for 30 years, not regretting any of those years, ok maybe a few regrets or a few of those years.   You know, who doesn’t have regrets?  Not many can say they are happy with all their choices, but when in the end everything works out as it should, we can be truly happy humans.

You all need sunglasses!!  And hats, and sun screen!

Sorry my daughter asked me not to add their photos so you will have to just believe me when I tell you they are all sun toasted and beautiful. (just one small photo ok?)  



Have YOU been to my Website……….

I ask that a lot.

Actually I like it when strangers read here, I don’t need to take care what I’m writing because they don’t know me and won’t be disturbed  about what I may write.  While I usually just write about my day and what I have to do to make this a good life for myself there are times when  I share thoughts and ideas and even complain about this or that   on other pages.  As I am less likely to call (phone phobia) family I think this is a good way to keep in touch with them but it is a one way conversation, I get little feedback. so I ask “have you been to my website ” 




Odd Notes….


Today I did laundry, and I spent $3 for fresh eggs, I know, odd right… but there you are. Yesterday I burned the brownies in my new convection oven. Now they are biscotti and still tasty tho hard as rocks

Today my half my family are on their way to Panama for 10 days, yeah.

they have arrived in Panama, mandé saludos a la familia.

I didn’t know the induction cook-top made so much noise, could be annoying.

What to cook with my new kitchen appliances, I have no recipe books

what does that tell you

. it’s just me to cook for, I should try to eat well

GG and I need to travel to T or C for propane, that means I have to disconnect power and sewer so we are untethered and pack things up so they they don’t fly about while driving because they will you know. We haven’t moved for a good while….I hope she starts. It will be an adventure, I’ll tell you all about it. Later.

I need to get wheel covers, I’m told the sun is hard on the tires, I have new tires, I should cover them especially since we are not moving very far and plan to stay here for now. On my list of needs and to do’s.

that’s all I’ve got for now

Good night

FYI for the Ladies in my Age group

I checked out the farmacia while over the boarder the other day and I found premarin cream for $25. It’s generic, same dosage as Premarin as that costs a copay of $100.

I don’t know about you but I sometimes have an uncomfortable dryness causing irritation and a while back went to get a rx filled for premarin and was told my copay would be +$100 . I left without it .

Just thought you’d like to know.

I plan to go back for some dental care soon.

The entry we took to get into Mexico was not large, close to Demming NMNM 11 Columbus, New Mexico Palomas and we only waited a short time to get through customs on our way back, it’s about a 2 hour drive.

I used my small passport good only for Mexico and Canada much cheaper than getting a regular passport but limited.

I’m Feeling a little Lonely Tonight

It happens to everyone

especially women like me.

There ‘s no fix for it.

It just goes and comes

I’m not depressed or unhappy or dissatisfied

Just a little alone

It’s my own fault, if indeed there is  fault

I look for it and want to be alone

and when I succeed in being alone

I find fault with being alone.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1987Then after a few days I scold myself into action

This was my third day

Tomorrow demands action.

Sometimes I get so excited I just have to go for it!

It has been suggested to me that I should only publish one post per day so people are not overwhelmed by my writings. Huh, sometimes I’m laughing at my self and want someone to laugh with me so I push the publish button not paying any attention to advice. Tonight has been like that, it may be because I’m enjoying a glass …….

(in the only wine glass left of two, I broke one yesterday I may have to get a few more because I just don’t think it’s proper to drink wine from a plastic cup, it’s the way I am.)

of Franzia refreshing white wine from the box. I like it, it goes down so smooth and makes me write very fast and with less typos. And it makes me feel a little silly which you can judge for yourself right here. Yeah, the harem pants, couldn’t wait to publish that one.

Maybe I’ll save this for tomorrow. Or not, maybe I’ll have another glass of refreshing white tomorrow and find more sillyness to write about then. yeah