Today 3 park friends and I went to soak our aged bodies in mineral hot springs search of ………the fountain of youth and all I got was a sunburn.

The water was hot today and we soaked for one hour for $12 each in a community pool where one must wear a suit, no nude soaking in the community pools..

Honestly I don’t feel that great, I have a headache and think I was in the water too long.

There weren’t many people in the pools today, one gentleman in a speedo was in and out of the pool and I noticed he had either a pacemaker or defibrillator in his chest, or both and I wondered if this was good for someone with heart concerns, maybe that is why he didn’t stay in too long. No comment needed on the speedo.

the location of the hot springs is along the Rio Grande. in and around T or C.

The grounds are planted with grape vines and local plants, it is so relaxing and lovely. think I might get a tee shirt, they have them in multiple colors.

The whisper zone is enforced and no one raises their voices while in the zone. Except that they have construction happening so noise was already there and we didn’t have to whisper.

I like to go a couple times a month because my feet feel so soft after soaking, and a limited therapeutic dose of sunshine is fine.

A Crazy old Lady to pursuing Pot!

Some beautiful clouds out there today, Did you know that I am a cloud fanatic, when I get organized I want to paint some clouds. It’s been 15 days since I ordered my studio, everyday I hope for the call that tells me it’s on its way because I’ve got quite a mess in my loft. I see no reason to organize if I’m going to move stuff to the studio, I’ll have enough space up there for the second bed again. Ready for sleep-overs!

I was about to cancel the account at Car Max that I have on my car thinking it was just an expensive roadside assist plan. That was all I had on the paperwork when I bought the car. Fortunately I looked at the website to really see what it entailed and found it to be a comprehensive covers nearly everything, as long as I follow maintenance guides. So the deductible is a one time expense. Just like health insurance. So I have an appointment on the 10th in EL Paso for ‘youcandoitbabe’ for that front end noise, maybe the AC fan? It makes more noise when I turn on the AC.

Despite the probability that I’ll loose a few readers when I write about this romance I’m having with pursuing pot, but hey, this is a record of my life and thoughts so I need to keep it honest and frank. This blog is just an exercise I do to keep my thoughts together, make sense of my days and try to put them on paper with correct spelling (usually) and a little dignity.

No I haven’t tried it again, but I will. I texted Frank to ask about making brownies, he says “you only have enough for one brownie”. Hardly seems worth the effort. I think I’d prefer brownies to smoking, no nasty smell, burning throat, or red eyes. (!)He says that when he makes brownies, everyone knows what they are getting, He must be famous in these parts!

I do like to make interesting friends.

Crazy old lady, having the time of my life.!


Out of Propane again……..

But this time I think I really am out, it wasn’t the wind blowing out the pilot.

I’ll have to go to town to fill my propane. I took a cool shower this morning, that’s when I noticed, no hot water but the sun had heated the water, it wasn’t too cold and was a quite tolerable. I’ll go in next week, no rush because I have my cabinet doors down to refinish and reorganize my space and can’t travel without the doors back up, what a mess that would make driving down the road.

Becca said something the other day about the friendly-ness of the people in RV parks. She asked, where, in what community can you stop by and call out ‘Hey there, where have you been, how are you’ through an open door and get a friendly response.?

Not in an apartment, not at a home, where else? I think in part it maybe the fact that we live as much outside, as inside our RV and the respect given to each other. We can usually assume that if the door is open it’s okay to say hello especially if contact has been made prior in a friendly way. I have not come across a single rude person here and while I am not the most friendly person in the park, I value the these relationships and confident that I can stop to say hello, . if the door is open.

My car stopped making that noise I’ve mentioned. Don’t know why, nothing has been done to it, should I just be glad or try to find the answer?

A mechanic once said to me, “Kathy, in the human body sometimes the body takes care of itself and heals, that’s not what happens in your car it just gets worse.”

Words to reflect on, or words to ignore? We’ll see what happens next. Really the car drives just fine and the noise is gone… for now.

Tomorrow there is a guitar concert in a near by Hillburo I want to check out. I saw it in the 4 page Sierra County Sentinel newspaper I picked up the other day. (I miss holding the newspaper paper in my hands though I am up to date with online news). Not sure how often it is published, I think just monthly. Local, school and community news calendar.

I’ve checked on line and see it is 25 miles distant and tickets are just $5 .

A little culture can’t hurt.

Thanks Frank!

It’s getting really hot but hasn’t been windy for the past 3 days and Frank came by today to add 2 more coats of rubber to my RV roof. He says it looks fine and should be good for another two years, that is how often you need to refresh your RV roof. He’s a good guy after all.

I thank Frank for another reason, he is teaching me about pot. I’d tried pot a few times with no effect at all until a few months ago when with my friend Robert I had a most disagreeable reaction. I think it was the third puff I took that changed my opinion about pot. It really did have an effect but not one I would want to repeat. I felt I could not control my legs, very unsteady everything shifted in front of me and I was not in control, scary feeling for a woman used to being in control at least of herself.

I’m told that this can happen with newbies especially if you are not in a controlled situation and we were not, we were out walking by the lake. It was a unsteady scary walk back to my RV but it passed in 15-20 minutes and I was fine.

So why would I pursue this?

I have reasons.

I am hopeful that if I could manage to use pot instead of my IC medications I could stop at least two medications I have to take to keep the interstitial cystitis at bay. I doubt it would heal my sick bladder but maybe control pain because the medications I have to take don’t heal the bladder either and only help to prevent pain some of the time, but one med raises my heart rate so I have to take a pill to slow it down. I could be pain /medication free. If pot would do that for me it would be all good.

Yes, I could get medical pot probably, I don’t know what is involved to get it or how much it costs and yes it is still illegal in NM but won’t be much longer (I’m told). It doesn’t seem to be a big problem to get it, I’ve been referred to a source I’m going to check out. I don’t think anyone really cares whether you smoke it or not. I’d rather not smoke it but need to learn what are the options. I will continue to research, thanks Frank.

Has anyone Else not gotten their Tax Refund Yet?

Or is it just me? It’s not that much but I was looking forward to it, filed in March y nada.! Should I call someone? IRS2Go says it’s ‘being processed’. And reminds me that it is updated only once daily.

Anyone know why we have a chin? Interesting article I read but no one seems to know why, what are they useful for and how silly we would look without at least one and the second pseudo chin is never referred to but what about that one? Usually reserved for us mature folk. Don’t look down, ever.

The wind has been so strong for the past few days that I have not taken my car in to check what is making that awful noise, I’m afraid to drive it in such gusty wind, so I’ve been painting on this canvas paper that I may sew together to use as wall paper in my studio. I have 10 pages of 16×20 canvas sheets full of flowers and other stuff. The studio will be unfinished on the inside until I figure out what to do so hanging stuff on the walls seems like a plan to get started. Can you tell I’m excited to get started? It’s too dark now to take photos to show you what I’ve spent the past three days housebound painting. Just fun stuff.

Outside all my stuff is flat on the ground from the wind but my flower seeds are growing and I should have a nice crop of flowers soon if the wind doesn’t destroy them before they sprout a few more leaves. I’m wondering if this is what to expect here in NM, is it always so windy, is this a regular seasonal thing? I guess we are fortunate not to share worst weather events taking place across the states, floods, tornadoes, fires.snow, I think this is a good place to be considering all that. I’ll try not to complain about wind.

I’m a little bit Worried ……..but not enough

but not enough to change my mind. She just fits my budget………..ok, she str- et -che s it.

8 x 12 side lofted barn

She’ll fit so gracefully next to GG.

Hard to wait the 2-3 weeks for her to get here.

She’ll need a name. My car’s name is ‘you can do it babe’ maybe my studio could be call ‘stretch a sketch or something.

Settling down in one place was not my plan, but with the expenses of my car and now my studio, I’ll need to sit still. Fortunately I love where I am (except the wind) Having my own space for creativity makes it a excellent trade off. Who knows, maybe I’ll sell some art to help finance this new expense .

I would never have had a studio if I had not done what I’m doing.

I didn’t even know I wanted one.

Sometimes taking a chance and just doing, is what you need to do instead of ‘wait and see’. no time to wait, time is a wasting.


similar but not the same as mine will be.

OOPS I Forgot to Empty the GRAY WATER TANK

I used a lot of water yesterday while making dinner and cleaning up.

This morning my shower was full of brown water.


I thought the worst of course, afraid it was not gray water that was floating my shower rug but looking closely and sniffing, I realized it was wash up dishes water and ran out to empty both tanks.

With a sign of relief, I see the water draining and the ring of oil from my pasta sauce and soap suds clarified it was from the gray water tank.

I didn’t know that would happen, did you? But of course it’s obvious to one who thinks, where else could it go? I don’t remember to empty my tanks daily, now I will, glad it wasn’t the black water tank.

I guess the same could happen, but up the toilet.

Finally put together my Thank You Dinner

I’m finally having my thank you dinner for the guys that helped me while I was in TX. A simple meal of appreciation. Pasta with my special sauce, yes, you know all about my sauce, if you have kept up with me, it’s going back into the pot, it smells real good, still chunky in a good tasty way. It’s not supposed to be windy today so I’ve taken a few colorful items out side to cozy up my space, I’ll have to take back in later as high winds is expected for the next 4 days.

getting my space ready for dinner with friends.

I’ve decided on the outdoor storage unit to be my studio and now it’s up to financing it and getting it in place for me to fill up with art supplies. I’m excited!

My change of plans may sound less exciting than traveling about but I feel good with staying put, besides financially it’s the best option for me now and I’m good with it.. Also, I can still make short trips leaving my studio here keeping the space rented. Imagine how this space will look with my studio and when my seeds grow up to be sunflowers, morning glories, and more.

……. the simple life is not simple to get started. Taking baby steps here, trying not to complicate life too much, soon I will have everything I need and more, I’ll need to limit ‘the and more.

I’ve been reading about how to write a great blog, let me know how it goes………..you will know sooner than I will if my efforts improve your reading.

I appreciate you.


It’s about 4:40 and I blew fuses using the Instapot at the same time as the oven, I was trying to use the fry setting on the oven to make sweet potato fries while warming u the spaghetti sauce.

I need 3 fuses of the blue ones and replaced a couple others but I ran out of the blue size, thought oh damn! No dinner tonight what will I do with all this meat sauce! (wrong thinking, someone would lend me fuses)But when I rechecked the switch the Instapot started so I’m still cooking but can only cook one thing at a time. Forget about the fries, they weren’t turning out as I thought anyway. So wine, tomato sauce, pasta, and Texas bread, and more wine (my daughter always buys this Texas bread for her pasta dishes and i buy it because it reminds me of her) So no other vegetable or salad tonight as I didn’t feel like going to town to buy fresh vegetables and frozen don’t seem to special to offer company.

so I’m on the floor on my belly looking for the blown fuse when a huge gust of wind, rocked the RV, I scooted out the door to see what damage and all my plants, chairs and rugs were topsyturvy, plants tipped over. It’s not supposed to be windy today, not till tomorrow.

I think we’ll be okay.

I’m delaying this post to add photos of our dinner.

Dinner was good! Company with Friends , conversation was fun, they even thought taking GG to Panama was a possibility!