As I don’t have a TV I needed something besides the library to keep me informed and interested, so I subscribe to Wondrium which  is an update of Great Courses Plus, which I had in the past taken several classes. Today I have been listening to a course called The Meaning of Life : Perspectives from the Worlds Great Intellectual Traditions, which I will have to postpone watching because I need to pay attention to just one thing at a time.

I’ve painted almost everyday and recently on the outside of my RV. What I did last year has faded and in restoring it I don’t like what I did so will do it again one of these cool mornings. Like this one but I said to myself, I should write today and so I am.

I got some gas to add to the tank as I found out that I need at least a quarter tank of gas for the generator to function, but haven’t added it yet, will do before I go for more gas.  Going to get gas sounds like an easy chore doesn’t it?   But it means moving everything that will move when I move the RV, inside and outside. I have the picnic table behind the RV plus my mini washing machine and chair from the RV that I removed and don’t know what to do with. ( but it gives me a leg up when I want to go up top to check the roof..)  I need to disconnect the sewer and water lines plus the electric cord that keeps things working inside and the hot water line and lift the stair. Inside I’ll need to take down my shelf for dishes and glasses, remove the toaster and fast boiling water pitcher, remove the ice maker, check the glass ware safety issues, move the clothes hanging in the cab, find a way to keep the pantry door closed during moving and so much more, oh and remove the tire covers! So not a simple process when going to the gas station to get enough gas to travel. Travelling makes a mess inside if everything isn’t fastened down, you hear things moving behind you on turns.

I haven’t moved GIGI for a while and they say that is bad for the tires, they were all new so I’m hopiing I won’t have a problem, I’ve kept them covered most of the time. I want to take a short trip to see my son in Plano and my sister nearby with her family in Richardson TX. I’d like to go for Thanksgiving or maybe Christmas. I’ll have to have the truck checked too, I had the oil changed and all that done before we settled down here, I was told the brake fluid was nearly completely gone so I’ll check all that before travelling. Who knows, if the weather is good I may keep going east., I’d like to see family out there but it’s such a long ways t go with the price of gas as it is, makes me hesitate.

I’ll let you know if I find out the Meaning of Life!

RV concerns

There are a few repairs that need doing ASAP

Leaky roof, my shower liners aren’t completely eliminating the problem so I think the solar panel needs to be removed to check under it for holes in the roof. We’re expecting a lot of rain but our master RV tech is busy until the 11th when he’ll be able to check it out for me and fix it.

Lack of electrical power on one side of GG. Lights don’t work dead sockets, I probably did something I should not have, I don’t know and am scared to mess with power, I’d really like all my lights to work and not have everything plugged into one area.

My generator didn’t fire up the last time I tried it but I understand you need at least a quarter tank of gas and mine is nearly empty so I’m hoping that is easily resolved by getting gas. I filled my 2 gallon tank today at the nearest gas station cost me $7.50. Can’t wait to fill up! not sure what the price of gas is in town,not much less than here I expect.

Mold? Need to remove a panel to check for rain damage I’ve been hiding under fabric. The ceiling is wrinkled on one panel so I know there is water damage. Frank, who did the roof work in 2019 did me no favors and had to come again for the same leak months later. I should have gotten the expert in the first place

Despite these concerns I really like my RV. She’s old and needs TLC often of course I’d love a bigger prettier bathroom, something easier to keep clean and enjoy instead of a place to keep the laundry basket that needs to be moved when I take a quick shower and repainted often to keep white. At least I haven’t had a problem with big spiders or snakes coming up the drain as some people have told me about their experiences. In conparison to the much larger home- like RV’s, I like not having to worry about all the mechanisms that are found in them or having to tow it with a truck. All in all I think GG wAS A GOOD CHOICE FOR ME then and still is.

100 degrees too hot for me at farmers market

And I bet it was too hot for many. I’d planned to go on Saturday but wasn’t feeling well on Friday and I knew the temperature was expected to be 97 on Saturday so didn’t think it was a good idea to go sit in the sun for a couple hours even though am’s are usually cool until about 10.

So I stayed home and tried to do some painting in my studio and with two air-conditioners going and two fans on high we lasted until 2pm and gave up. Even Charley was glad to leave for the air conditioned RV

I like my RV for cooking and sleeping otherwise I like being outside in my garden messing about my patio checking the status of the tomatoes and peppers which are the only survivors in this heat and reorganizing the studio. i have a black bell peppet didn’t know they came in black! Also green and yellow. I read that the yellow bell pepper has more vitamins c than an orange.who knew, is that why they are so expensive?

Tomorrow I’m taking every piece of fabric in here to the laundromat.curtains everything washable will be washed I have plenty of quarters and time to get this done. Too much dust floating around and Charley shreds unbelievable amounts of hair daily? I even took down the fabric on the ceiling. Maybe I’ll sleep better once all this is cleaned and fresh. I haven’t been on the roof lately because we’ve had no rain and don’t expect any soon.i know the plastic shower liner I have up there is cooking as we find bits of plastic floating about coming from there. I don’t want to change it until we expect rain because the plastic has a limited lifetime up there.

I’m still writing here and should be sleeping but my restless legs keep me moving so I can’t sleep woke up at 4:30 this morning and got up to see what I could do in the studio, Charley came with me for a while but he likes to sleep in so I sent him back to bed. I stayed out until about 11 and would liked to go back to sleep but nope no sleep. Seems us old folks that need the sleep to stay healthy often are sleeplessokay enough chstterbuenos noches mi gente.

Post ‘Makers Market’Review

It went pretty much as I thought it would, it was very hot and the hoped for crowds were not crowds but just a few after church groups. I had my umbrella so I had shade most of the time and did manage to sell $150 worth of my “stuff”. But I only sold one oval canvas to a young girl who bought it for her big sister. That is what I expected, my enthusiasm for the ovals has never been great but I have a new idea for them.

The friend that made the blocks to show the ovals has a business selliing religious note cards and other similar items. I’m thinking to add some words to these ovals and he may be able to add it to his inventory. It’s a thought. I need to find a nice font, people like words on stuff.

By the way, all my abstract paintings sold but I’d only brought 3 with me thinking there would be no interest, I should have brought everything I had, even those I pounded onto my studio door!

About my internet, I’ve decided to almost always use my hot spot on my Ipad, right now I’m on my computer and can use wifi but I can’t on my ipad, almost never.

I tend to use my ipad more than my computer, last night I was listening to a Wondrium class ‘Religions of the World’ and fell asleep.(it was not the classes fault I fell asleep)So I used up all my data but that’s unusual and I was tired. I’m going back to see what I missed. I’m enjoying Wondrium, there are so many different topics, and I can download some to watch without internet connection. I don’t miss TV at all, except it would be nice to watch them on a larger screen. I haven’t watch Netflexs since I broke my TV, I should cancel it and just learn new stuff.

The other day I took about 100 selfies trying to find a new one for my Kate Othon website. It’s not so easy anymore to find a pic I want to share. I’ve lost a bit of weight(all good) so my face is thinner and I’ve not tried to avoid the sun so I’m wrinkled and dry. Such is the vanity of an old woman! Most of my friends and family have grown older along with me but they haven’t lived in the desert for the past 3 years and it makes a difference. Here is one that looks like me now at 78 years old. I like this one, the color looks good, I have red curtains so that made the skin tones pinker but the background is not great to use on my site but when it’s small like this I can use it, I look a little pensive, these glasses are those that block the blue light cheap progressives I love!

That website is a mess but my daughter Marissa is going to help me fix it. I can do it but i don’t know how to make it look like I want it to look.Sorry this post is rambling on without much content. I will try harder to share more interesting posts in the future. Wondrium has classes on writing I could try, I’m taking a class on the media and all the different ways to use socal networking but I’m not too interested in joining all those options any more.Too much trouble at this point to try to keep up.


Let’s talk about Pot

I’ve reduced medication I take for IC and have done very well but my problem is that my body doesn’t know how to go to sleep on it’s own, it’s used to having help and now isn’t getting enough help because of the much decreased amount of medication taken. So I thought I’d try medical marijuana to help me sleep.

Some people do not respond as expected. I am one of those people. I’ve only had a few experiences, none of them good. Generally I feel nothing at all and wonder if I’m doing it right but everyone takes a deep breath the same so what could I do wrong?

I had One very uncomfortable episode where I could not stop shaking fortunately it only lasted about 30 minutes, but I’d been encouraged to take a third puff and all of a sudden this violent shaking no control, very frightening.

But lately I’ve tried medicated chocolate bar one square with seemingly no effect but later I had bad dreams and heard voices and that’s unusual for me. I’ve tried vaping and drops no effect, I’ve suspected it increases restless leg episodes.

So that’s it for experimenting pot for me, I gave it a good try, besides I’m doing so well, even weight loss and general well being why risk unknown reactions to pot? Want my medicated chocolate?

Hot Spot or a Contract?

High-speed internet is now available in Caballo

I added this notice in my birthday card to the park owner, CJ. Not sure it was appreciated.

Lots of my neighbors use their hot spot when the wifi is out, or do their internet ting late at night using available wifi. I’m wondering if it’s safer to use your hot spot than local wifi. I’m using Verizon prepay plan and am not sure how much data I’m allowed but I suppose when I run out I just start over. Suppose I should find out but sometimes it’s better to avoid going into the Verizon store ( in t or c) although last time I did I was pleasantly surprised and found a better plan than I was on and added the hot spot. Afraid they’ll take it away or say that program isn’t available now. Maybe I’ll use the hot spot this month instead of the faulty wifi and see what it costs me.

Or get my own contract for HighSpeed Internet like most regular people do? What do you think?

Remember the reason I get poor wifi is because of larger RVs parked in front of me blocking the signal.

The equipment I bought to improve my wifi was a waste of money and time and now I can’t even find the needed item. I must have put it in the trash because it is nowhere in the RV, not on purpose, amazing how things get lost in this small space probably because there are so many small hidden spaces.

Busy days. I threw down everything that was in the loft except my bed. It was like a hurricane of clothes and blankets and “stuff I meant to send to my girls or take with me the next time I travelled Since I moved up there to sleep I’m sharing space with all my winter clothes and blankets, linens and more. I found a new place to keep my sewing machine under the bench plus space for papers and books and so now my sleep space feels free of so much “stuff”. Really who needs 5 pairs of sweat pants? I have music up here now too. Woohoo, living the good life!

I’ll be so happy when this makers market is over. I’m certain I’ll be left with a dozen oval pours unsold and what to do with them. I spent so much time and $ on them and I really don’t like many of them. Gallery lady thinks she can sell them for $60, I doubt those without resin will sell for $20. I just finished the last five ovals and done.that’s it, back to painting,

I have this image everywhere, my bus cards,my phone,my website, time to paint something new


What am incredibly frustrating day. from 2 bars to no bars and back to hot spot to wifi to 0 bars and on and on. and on.

Why do I bother?

I just want to make a simple website for my art. A place I can put on a business card that isn’t my blog. Not everything I write on here is what I want to share with someone I want to do business with.

But during this frustrating day I found an old blog from 2016 called tears and laughter. Reading it turned out to be of mostly tears, not much laughter but it was a good thing to read and to realize that I’m past that person and on to being happier healthier and certainly saner. But nervertheless I thought I’d pass the blog on because what I wrote wasn’t bad, it had feeling and I added some of the posts I hadn’t finished or published because they have truth. Not sure why I need to share these thoughts, I guess just because they were part of me then.

Sunday is the Makers Market. I think I have everything ready. It’s like starting over again, taking my stuff to market, it’s a hassle I’m not sure I want to pursue but I’ll do it this time to see about all these oval pours I’ve made. I put resin on them, for my last time using resin though I did get a pretty impressive respirator to use but I don’t think it’s worth my health to get that mirror shine………..which I had not been getting here.

Who is Kate Othón?

I should probably explain. I am Kate Othon in New Mexico, Kathy Othon everywhere else, silly I suppose but I’ve gotten used to being called Kate here in the park it just grew to the post office and beyond! So now on my business cards I’m Kate Othón. I like it. Officially I’m Kathleen and my sig is just kothon

I painted a colorful painting that I thought would look really nice in the little cafe near here but the owner wasn’t interested, she had just painted her walls and she didn’t want anything on them. Her loss. We talked about a mural on the store wall but now one of the friends that would help do the painting is leaving and now I have less enthusiasm plus it’s very hot still, maybe when she comes back we can do it.

I’ve been busy getting ready for a “Makers Market” next weekend. It will be the first one in T or C, hopefully there will be a good turnout but a storm is in the forecast. I’ll take all these oval pour paintings that I covered with resin but don’t like much. Not doing any more resin work, it seems to trigger my IC, and now even spray varnish does the same. I’ve ordered a better respirator but probably shouldn’t use these chemicals any more, I’ve hypersensitive to them now.

I’m wondering about a web site for Kate. I want to be able to direct people to the art and not this more personal blog. Something to put on my cards to show work that I’ve done and where prints can be bought.I don’t want to spend much, keep it simple and stylish. Maybe my daughter will help me get it set up though I do like to do things for myself it takes me so long and I forget what I’ve done and what needs to be done. yeah, the forgetting thing, always a problem. that and procrastination, my major faults these days.

We’ve had some noisy weather here in Caballo, wind, thunder and lightening but not a lot of rain, the other night it got so loud poor Charley was scared and wanted to come sleep with me. As I now sleep in my chamber above the cab he hasn’t been interested in sleeping up there but now he was scared and wanted up. His sad little face I saw when I looked over the edge made me smile and I grabbed for him but it was a hit or miss situation , could I just lean over and lift him up or would I drop him? If he’d weighed another pound he would have been dropped but he made it up, we were both relieved and although he was closer to the noise now he fell asleep.

The next morning I went up to check my roof to see if my shower liner was still intact. It need some fixing but was in good shape. I felt so powerful being able to do this myself. You’ll note that I am wearing a skinny little top that no 78 year old woman should be seen in but it was hot and no one here cares but I won’t wear it again, unless I do. I’ve been working on strengthening, see those arms!

This morning I woke up too early but thought I should do laundry now and so I got it together and drove 15 miles to a modern laundromat in Hatch, the chili capital of the world, they also have a nice hardware store I’d rather go to than Walmart and I needed some stakes to hold done the tent I was borrowing for the market so I got to do laundry and get the stakes and was home again before 9. Sometimes I use my little washing machine but sometimes I need to do sheets and towels and then I go to a laundromat.

My glasses disappeared which was no great loss and made me stop procrastinating about getting glasses. Since loosing them I’d been wearing Walmart readers 3+ which I could walk around in but not read, they were just not powerful enough to read. A friend told me she ordered some readers on amazon and I should check there for stronger readers.I did and ordered two pairs of 4+ and they sent me 5+ which is okay because now I can REALLY read well with them.

But I saw where you could get progressives to wear all the time for $30 and thought wow if they work I’d save a bunch instead of getting new rx glasses. So I ordered them and I love them and will not bother to spend $300+ on new glasses again. they are perfect and came with a blue light tester and repair kit. I’m happy with them even though I look a little silly in these big glasses.