Sitting at dusk with my guitar, a glass of wine and Charley

Sitting outside at dusk with my guitar, a glass of wine and Charley. I’m thinking how lucky I am in this time of despair for many people, that all I have to complain about it the fact that I (again) missed an important Birthday of my grandson, Elias.,( sorry babe) and I totally forgot to pay my rent. Good thing everything else is paid automatically on line and my landlord is a gracious woman who simply says ” you were due the 20th and it is the 25th Kate! Damn, time flies! Yeah I’m called Kate here, I like it!

Memory problems, I’m doing my best but things have been getting confusing, I can’t seem to learn new things, especially new word press stuff, I should be able to make this blog much more interesting but it changes how to put it together, it’s just annoying, that and spelling, can’t spell worth a damn……..and I won’t even mention my trouble with math!

otherwise life is good.

I have a new app for birthdays and a calendar.(suggested by my sweet landlord , landlady?CJ.)

CJ is a woman I respect and admire She is 81 and manages all this herself, she’s pretty tough and doesn’t miss a thing. The other day she came over to my place because she saw me skooting around on my butt and thought I must have fallen. But I didn’t fall it was just easier to stay down and scoot around than having to get up and down while I tended to my plants. We laughed, she has had a few falls,

I find that New Mexico has some strong women in charge where ever I go.

I was “playing” my little, made in China, guitar, I love to tune it by my phone and just make sounds that please me, crazy lady guitar player, when a friend stopped by. I played her a short serenade sin pena and later found out she plays the guitar, maybe she’ll play for me, my fingers must be dyslexic, I can not place my fingers there they need to be to actually play anything but I don’t mind, I enjoy making my sounds before I sleep, it seems to relax me, I like it with a glass of wine, seems to go together well.

The park was full of RV’s a week ago but now it’s just us, the 8 or 9 long term park dwellers, but we will be full again when the snowbirds arrive. A few more couples have decided to make this park home full time, like me. There is a sense of community here, good people. they all live in these big beautiful RV’s with all the comforts of home (because it is home) Mine is the most humble, my GG and we are just fine., though I am jealous of their in suite washer and dryer

My friend Barbara has been living and traveling solo for 5 years in a vintage blue 24 ft beautiful RV. it has the original everything, they made RV’s much better back then with cabinets and shelves of real wood. She’s been in the same rig for the 5 years and has made upgrades but the RV was well put together and she loves it.

Interesting People with stories to tell, often well traveled and educated. I may share some of those stories here, poco a poco.

Take care,

Stay Safe.

Wear a Mask

My RV garden

My garden grows

The rain is so welcome!

I’m lucky that the building behind me shades my garden from the afternoon sun. We’ve had rain for the past 3days. Next time I make my garden I’m going to plant what I want to eat. This garden I planted from seeds I ordered for a selection of vegetables and they sent me lots of different beans. I’ll do smarter next year. I have a huge potatoes plant from a sprouting potato, and should harvest lots of cucumbers, my tomato plant looks good, I almost every thing in the garden started with seeds except the tomato.

My to-do list, Everybody has one.


Get a toad asap

  1. Touch up paint messes I’m a sloppy painter, just ask my sister!
  2. Finish bathroom shower scrub out the pink color accidently sprayed there
  3. varnish tiles in the bathroom and decide what to do with the new tiles
  4. work on my quilt that I’m making, covering an old quilt with Indian fabric that I love.
  5. staple fabric to front seats, yah not sure how this will work out
  6. read a chaper of ‘don Quijote in Spanish
  7. Figure out how to add those things so the door doesn’t fall on my head or hold open.
  8. Tighten the cubicles in loft last time I moved they moved too when they should not have moved
  9. Buy wine beer and food. The fridge is empty
  10. Get the toad asap

Why list this stuff here?  It’s for myself to remind myself that I have things to do!  Important things too.  But most importantly Get the Toad!

You like that hat?  I paid $100 for it at a Duluth MN art fair so I must wear it, it is beautifully hand made by Patti Berg original. It was hard to choose just one hat. this is an older photo of the hat and me. I like it better.1620753_10203287161489436_1977382756_n

Am I Loving It Yet? Yes, I’m loving it now


Yes, I am loving this new life style!

But there is one part of myself that questions if this isn’t a selfishness on my part.  I’m not contributing anything but my thoughts to anyone and my thoughts aren’t worth much, even to me.  The freedom to do or not to do anything at all may just make me a lazy person.  What can I do to make better thoughts to share?  My daily activities are mundane, not much to share about so I have to think my thoughts and try to put them in words that mean something or express how this old woman perceives the world around her.

I once expressed to my husband (long ago )that I would like to spend some time sitting under a tree on a mountain all alone to think my thoughts. He found it hurtful to not be included under that tree.  Maybe that is what I have found here, though not alone, here I can be alone, and I can sit under a tree on a mountain if I so chose.

This is a perfect situation for me until it is not and then I’ll leave.

So far I have no desire to leave, is that because I have no place to go?

Need -ling Happening Here!

I made this little note for those living in my rv park at the request of several residents.

Trade skills with me? I do acupuncture and need help with my RV. Let’s make a trade that only involves our effort, not cash!
I can go to your home or we have permission to use CJ’s home. In fact we could do several people at once at CJ’s in chairs, happy hour with needles?? I do acupuncture using the big points found on the arms below the elbows and on the legs below the knees. ((you’ll need to keep those areas free) That may not seen like enough but these are the most important channels of energy and most effective points. In some instances I’ll chose other points when needed..
One thing to know about AC it doesn’t work in one treatment, especially if the problem is deep seated. You would require at least 3 treatments in three consecutive days, rest a couple days and repeat as needed. Are you ready to do that?

Contact me in the little tioga or call 571 258 7018 to set up a plan. I’ll have my needles ready.

PS I graduated from Texas Institute of traditional Chinese Medicine in 1994 but don’t have a current license to practice here in NM so………..I’m also an RN without a current license, but hey, I’m 75 and ready to travel with GG my gas guzzling rv!
PPS I do sometimes sell my art work!
And I have a website/blog here
I’m Kathy, and I expect to be here until late January

I Have One Solar Panel- is it working?

IMG_0018I have one solar panel. Not sure if it is doing anything for me as I don’t know how to read the gauge. I think it is a simple thing to do but I haven’t read enough about this type of monitor to understand how to use the meter yet, but I will soon, it’s on my ‘list of things I need to learn’ soon. together with  my hot water tank, why some lights don’t light and did I ruin the whatchamacallit, does it  matter that I removed the TV?

My baby needs to be washed and waxed, that’s going to be tough to do as she is taller than I am.

GG needs repairs to the damaged exterior that I made getting too close to something.

I’ve knocked down two mailboxes and backed into a park electric and water post. That was dramatic, I was almost in tears, didn’t notice anything until I got out of the truck and saw the water spewing up in the air. I do have a backup camera but it was almost dark and didn’t help me.
I had a tire monitoring system for my tires but both men that worked on my rv laughed and said all I needed was the simple air tester and sold me an extra long one to reach the inside tires.

One less thing to think about, plus I have brand new tires.

Angry Trucker Wants My Parking Spot!

My first long distance trips to Virginia and South Carolina were made to see family, show them my rig and my determination to live this nomadic life style. I wanted to see them to tell them I love them but probably won’t see them for a few years as I’m going  west. They were able to see my rig and I was able to reassure them I would keep safe.They can see when I am moving via  this app 360 on my phone.

I stayed with them while visiting but getting from here to there I stayed at truck stops and corp of engineers campgrounds. and once I parked at a busy intersection parking lot knowing it was a busy traffic area and doubted anyone would care about this little RV parked there. I’ve considered all the things that can happen  on the road and that I am comfortable with this decision. And now they are too, not that I tell them everything!

It hasn’t been easy or cheap to get this rig road ready. When I first drove it home the alignment was so far off the steering wheel was upside down, very scary to drive and expensive to fix but all is good now and I have 6 new tires, and good brakes.

I had somethings removed and other things added. The couch that opened up for sleeping was impossible to sleep on and was removed leaving a space I wanted to use for storage or book shelves. But removing the awful couch left me with another problem.  The coils of the furnace laid on top of the fresh water tank which was under the couch    As I plan to look only for 70 degree weather (where?) I tore them out , book shelves seemed more important than warmth…of course that was what I thought while  sweating in the heat of Dallas TX.   This has been the worst problem   how to brace shelves to the wall of the rv. and not have them falling apart whenever I turned a corner.

This problem of everything getting tossed around  while I’m driving is  is ongoing and I  need to pack stuff up tighter.
Finding places for my stuff has lead me to have less stuff and I can still weed through stuff.. I’d rather have less clutter than more stuff.

Driving without a plan makes finding a safe place to park for the night chancy. So far I have had an idea where I wanted to stop but on several occasions I left it for too late and felt a bit of anxiety before finding a spot.That and keeping the gas tank half full at all times have contributed to my major moments of anxiety especially when taking the scenic route instead of interstate highways where there are plenty of gas stations along the way.

Truck stops are good though truckers are not happy when rvs take their space and that can be difficult if the truck parking spots are full. I had a trucker swear at me and insult me and my  mother loudly because I stopped at a safe state rest stop  with signs posted where trucks and RV should park, happy to see  one spot left and pulled into it. Minutes later I heard this trucker behind me yelling rude insults for me to get my &^%%$. to get out of his way. Mind you I had a right to the spot but I moved rather than deal with the angry, probably tired, trucker to find some place else to stay the night.
One afternoon it was getting late and raining and from the highway I saw a sign for a Crackle Barrel that allows RV’s to spend the night in their parking lot. I turned into a busy city to find the Crackle Barrel but I couldn’t locate it and found myself driving into an area best avoided and got back on the road and found a nearly empty truck stop. I wish I could remember where I was, maybe Mississippi. It was clean and pleasant and I’d give it a 5 star rating, I can look at my gas receipts to find it, other than wanting to rate them I have ignored my gas expenses because they are out of my control.

Why stress about the cost of something you can’t do without.

Dumb things I’ve done in my RV….so far

IMG_0016Dumb things I’ve done in my RV …….so Far

1st dumb thing I paid what he asked for without a counter offer. But it was the size I thought I could manage and with the low miles on it I had to have it.
2nd dumb RV wouldn’t start it cost me $350 to have it towed to where I wanted it to be inspected (this after I bought it)
When I picked it up I asked what was wrong that it didn’t start, he looked confused and said it started just fine.

Didn’t start because I needed to turn the key farther to start the engine! It starts just fine except when I forget to turn out all the lights. It has been jumped quite a few times so far.
Talking about jumping my truck, it’s not a big deal anymore because now I have this handy devise that I can keep charged to charge my phone and with the alligator clips I can charge the truck battery too.
I’m pretty sure I’ll do more dumb stuff but now I have knowledgeable people to ask for help and while they may smile at my silly questions I know they will not laugh directly at me and will give me grains of advice that will help me grow.



Not everything planned goes as planned.  I knew this from the start so am not surprised that I have no hot water and the fridge isn’t working on electric power. It is working on propane now so doesn’t matter much except I’m paying for electric so I’d like not needing to use my propane

I’ll probably have to ask for help.   I’m not real good at asking  for help but I’m sure there is someone here that has the answer for me and probably its something simple that I’m missing, like when I couldn’t get the water hose hooked up with out dripping water or spraying myself, I couldn’t get it screwed on tight. A man walking his dog stopped to see if i needed help and noticed right away that I was missing a rubber  gasket inside the hose and found one for me and fixed it just like that. ‘ along with them.

I need a toad!

All this and more will be resolved soon.

I’m sure.