How’s Everybody Doing?

We’re fine here,

keeping busy,

making face masks

taking some online classes .

Great Courses had a sale, I’m taking a Spanish class to improve my understanding of the rules, by the way, the Prof says the ch or ll are not used in the Spanish alphabet. That surprised me and wonder when that happened but I guess he would know. Anyway the class is good but I guess I should have taken the Spanish 2 class, so far I know everything he talks about, but that in itself reassures and gives me a sense of accomplishment. After living in Panama for 30 years my Spanish should be much better.Conversationally I do okay but have trouble writing which is silly because if you know the alphabet and the word spelling is not usually a problem, unlike as in English, I probably have a few “typos” right here.

The guitar class is good except I think my fingers must be dyslexic, I can’t get my fingers where they are supposed to go, so I bought this hand support called the rock it barr that you wear on your hand to help you find cords. I haven’t understood it yet, will need to order their book I guess.

I’m also taking a painting class on line, also from the Great Courses, but since I started sewing face masks all my classes have been put aside. I can work on them anytime.

I like making these masks, reminds me of when I was sewing my pursettas, I had a lot of fabric left that I’ve been able to put to good use. I dropped off a bag of masks today at the hospital in T or C and was in Walmart to get some sewing stuff and gave a few masks to people I saw who were not wearing one, they were happy to get them quite a few were wearing them, more than the last time I was in there. (I only go when I have a good reason.)

So far New Mexico incidence of the virus is still low and people think because of that and the fact that we are somewhat isolated especially where I live ,that they don’t have to follow recommendations. I think that’s foolish, maybe it just hasn’t got ten here yet, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down much and is appearing in new places.

face masks

Last time I went to Walmart I must have felt deprived of sugar because I bought so much junk! I even bought a Pepperridge farm chocolate cake which I ate all of it over just 2 days, didn’t share it, just ate it all! Mini donuts, blueberry muffins, little boxes of pie, and 2 packages of oreos cookies. …family size! I write this here to shame myself! Totally unusual behavior, I rarely buy junk food and here I had all this food to eat all by myself! Well I haven’t eaten it all yet, just the cake is gone, it was so good, I love those Pepperridge farm cakes but rarely ever buy them. I am ashamed of myself, need to get control of my wants and pay most attention to my needs…and walk.

I planned to plant my seeds for my garden but it’s so windy I ‘ll try again tomorrow, I have lots of seed to plant, if all these seeds grow it will be amazing garden, I have flower seeds in pots and I’m excited to see many are already peeking up, I hope the weather holds as it is right now for a while because except for the wind, we’re having beautiful days in the 70’s.

My MAC lost my photo album, how does this happen? Fortunately my photos on my ipad and phone are there so I’m able to start over AGAin, hate that all my photos were organized so I could find what I wanted easily, now I have to start over again. I want to get that photo thing they are advertising all over FB, seems like a good item, to not lose your photos.

Not being able to go to do laundromat up the road, I’m doing my laundry in the sink, the other day I washed some blouses put them on hangers and hung them on plant hangers outside for an hour til they were almost dry. Have to be kind of sneeky, doubt my landlord would appreciate me putting up a line to hang my laundry.

I hope you are well, take good care of yourself and your loved ones………..