A DEbate with mySelf-Am I too Old to wear Jeans?

I know my daughter would say wear whatever you are comfortable in Mom. Would I be comfortable, Hmmm jeans are not really that comfortable unless you get a really good fit, it is not too easy to find a pair of good fitting comfortable jeans with my special needs spaces, I hate to shop, and I probably won’t find them at Walmart, my only local shopping venue.

Oh well……..What I really want……….

What I really want to wear are harem pants, they look comfortable, but what to wear on the top? I saw some on Amazon when looking for Indian fabrics for GIGI and they look very cool and comfy. Just a minute, I’ll try to find them to show you ………………. Aren’t these fun? I want them, much better than blue jeans on my tendernesses. It looks like they bare the middle, that would not be a good look for me, but there are more options that may work. I think I’m going to toss all my old and begin my new life as an eccentric old lady with my own fashion sense, or lack of….. sense.

excuse me while I go shop.

Large I suppose

What do you think,

too youthful?

I’ll let you know how I like them but probably won’t send photos!